The New ‘Dragon Ball’ Movie Will Tackle A Very Essential Part Of The ‘Dragon Ball’ Story

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The Dragon Ball franchise announced today the official confirmation of the new Dragon Ball movie in 2018 via their official site. So, when announcements such as this emerge, one thing comes to mind, promotions, roadshows, and other advertisements will soon begin. As a fan, that’s something to look forward to, but questioning the current standpoints and short synopsis the announcement detailed, we came to wonder how different it will be compared to the previous Dragon Ball movies?

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods was the first Dragon Ball movie after 17 years. The film did not disappoint. It managed to earn 2.99 Billion Yen (roughly $26.5M) throughout its reign. Two years after, Battle of the Gods was quickly followed by Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F grossing 3.72 Billion Yen (roughly $33M).

A big shoutout to @Herms98 for once again gracing us with the complete translation of the new Dragon Ball movie announcement. Apparently, the upcoming movie project dubbed as Dragon Ball 20th Movie Commemoration Project, will tackle one essential factor of the Dragon Ball saga – origins. Yes, the film will finally show the source of Goku’s strength, his fellows, and the Saiyan race.

Earlier, Akira Toriyama detailed how Super Saiyans able to transform, discussed the origin of their powers, and the physical attributes enabling Saiyans to change their hair color during power boosts. With the new Dragon Ball movie, viewers will be able to understand how the Saiyan race became “the strongest race in the universe.” How fantastic is that?

On another note, the next movie project will be big bigger than the previous movies released. How? Well, Toriyama completed more Dragon Ball illustrations which include scripts, and character designs than before.

To increase the anticipation even further, the Dragon Ball team raises the expectations even higher, making the upcoming film, bigger and better. With that alone, we can expect exciting things such as new characters, plot twists, and of course, a better presentation of the Saiyan origins.

Dragon Ball 20th Movie Commemoration Project Announcement


The Dragon Ball franchise is gunning for greatness with their new upcoming film, with the launching of their official website yesterday, it is safe to say, ads and promotions for this movie will be extra special. Indeed, we are up to something spectacular. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Dragon Ball film?

Dragon Ball 20th Movie Commemoration Project is expected to debut in December 2018. Stay tuned for more news and updates.