Did ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Tease The Mastered Ultra Instinct Look?

The first time Dragon Ball Super released the new Saiyan transformation, the Ultra Instinct, various speculation rose as to what this form will behold. The discussion further increased its interest in the fandom when the show revealed that even the God of Destructions sees the Ultra Instinct impossible to tap into quickly, especially for a mortal like Goku.

As the show progress, fans believed that the Ultra Instinct form Goku tapped in the Tournament of Power is incomplete, meaning there is something more significant about the transformation. Numerous publications and forums reported multiple theories regarding the Ultra Instinct form.

One theory says that Goku and Vegeta may have a different type of Ultra Instinct form. Yes, it is highly debatable that Vegeta will soon reach this new form. But, theories suggest that Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct is more on the offensive side, while Goku’s more on the defensive side. This argument came to fans enlightenment during the Goku and Kefla centric battle when Goku unlocks the Ultra Instinct once again and manages to hit Kefla with a mighty blow.

What’s noteworthy about that scenario was when Goku realized to himself the incomplete surge of Ki from his Ultra Instinct form. So, in a nutshell, two things come to mind seeing that scene from Dragon Ball Super, it’s either the form is incomplete, or the form is more on the defensive side.

Today, a photo of the “speculated final look” of Ultra Instinct makes things more exciting. Take a look at this picture posted by @lifesong1000 on Twitter.

If this photo proves to be true, the Ultra Instinct transformation has been incomplete all along. Dragon Ball Super translator and leaker @Herms98 sees the picture a bit confusing as well. “Actually, the question I should’ve asked is why do the specify black hair? Is there a non-black hair version?” says the Dragon Ball Super expert.

Apparently, the thing being discussed is Goku’s hair and the possible relevance to the final Ultra Instinct look. “The hairstyle is different than when he usually has black hair,” @Herms98 added.

If we recall the first Ultra Instinct look during the Jiren and Goku battle, Goku’s hair didn’t change at all. Further, comparing the perspective from the new photo, Goku’s hair gets even spikier, which probably says something spectacular.

Well, these are currently just speculations and do not hold any credit. But, it is not too outlandish to discuss the possibilities for Dragon Ball Super most especially about the Ultra Instinct form. Could it be the final look? Or the photo holds nothing in particular at all?