Jennifer Aniston: Why She’s Headed For Divorce With Justin Theroux — No Kids To Blame?

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are said to be heading for a divorce, with sources alleging that they have done nothing but bicker in the last couple of months.

As previously reported, their living arrangements have caused nothing but drama for the couple, since Jennifer wants to remain in Los Angeles while Justin has complained that he misses his friends and family back in New York City.

According to In Touch, relocating to the Big Apple and making that a permanent move has been something that Jennifer isn’t so fond of, mainly because she’s been living in Los Angeles for as long as she can remember — it’s what she considers her home.

Things are extremely bad for the couple right now, sources tell the publication.

While Justin has been arguing with the actress over his desire to move back to New York, Jennifer has reportedly stressed how she hates how her husband has been hanging out with female friends more often lately.

The source shares that Justin has always had female companions around him and that is something that has made Aniston feel very insecure in her marriage with the actor — to the point where she can’t stand seeing him with another woman.

While the insider shares that there’s nothing serious going on between Theroux and his friends, Jennifer isn’t buying it and tends to make it a big discussion when she confronts him about it.

It almost seems as if both Jennifer and Theroux are on completely different pages as far as their love for one another is concerned; they both want different things in their marriage and neither one of them is willing to compromise to what the other half wants.

A source concludes by telling In Touch that the marriage drama left such an impression on Jennifer Aniston, she reached out to Brad Pitt, who told her that he would support her in every way possible.

It’s believed that Aniston welcomed Pitt into her life with open arms while he was dealing with his split from Angelina Jolie, so it would only make sense that the actor would do the same for his ex-wife.