‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases A Possible Frieza Fusion In The Tournament Of Power

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Dragon Ball Super is currently busy with the second half of the Tournament of Power with five universes annihilated since the start of the battle royale. The Omni-King has wiped out Universes 9, 10, 2, 6, and 4 following their defeat, leaving three more teams – Universes 3, 7, and 11 vying for survival. Team U3 has been teased to reveal their secret weapon as there are only 12 minutes remaining in the tournament. What keeps fans buzzing is that the team’s alleged strongest fighter will involve a fusion, and that might include one of U7’s surviving warriors, Frieza.

Comic Book shared an image of Universe 3’s fusion warrior courtesy of Toei Animation, and fans can’t get enough of what the Megazord-type fighter looks like. Aniraza is a massive fusion fighter, which is said to be made up of three different U3 fighters that will be pitted against team Universe 7 in an upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super. The warrior is the U3’s secret weapon, but fans noticed how he resembles Frieza from team U7.

On Twitter, Dragon Ball Super translator Terez27 dug deeper into Aniraza’s name, which is taken from the four different syllables of the names of the possible fusion warriors. Surprisingly, it includes Furiza, the Japanese version of Frieza’s name. Fans were quick to speculate that the fighter’s alleged betrayal will finally take place in the last few minutes of the Tournament of Power.

“If you shorten Bollareta to his catchphrase ‘Bolla’ (the only thing he ever says), and then take the last syllable of each character’s name: ア = パンテア (Panchia) ニ = パパロニ (Paparoni) ラ = ボラ (Bora/Bolla) = ボラレータ (Borareta) ザ = フリーザ (Furīza) アニラザ = Aniraza.”

Ultra Instinct Goku on Dragon Ball Super
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Goku made a risky decision to recruit Frieza to join team U7 in the tournament following Majin Buu’s ritual sleep that takes two months. Much to everyone’s dismay, the Saiyan warrior asked Fortuneteller Baba to resurrect the former emperor of evil from Hell so he can participate in the battle royale. However, his resurrection in Dragon Ball Super is conditional. Goku told him that if he will help the team win the tournament, he gets the chance to live again for good.

However, Frieza’s betrayal on Dragon Ball Super is not impossible as everyone knows that he has a personal vendetta against Universe 7, particularly the Saiyan race. If he ever chooses to turn his back on his team, then he can kiss his resurrection goodbye, especially if U7 wins the battle royale. Still, fans are skeptical whether he will stay true to team U7 given what the fusion fighter Aniraza looks like.

Aniraza is extremely huge, and the preview image of Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 proves his massive size. On Twitter, Oppai Senpai shared the photo showing the U3 fusion warrior fighting against Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta. The warrior can be seen releasing a red energy blast against the U7 fighters, but they look too small while facing off Aniraza.

Whether or not Frieza will fuse with Aniraza, fans are certain that the resurrected villain has something big up his sleeve. Dragon Ball Super will surprise everyone. That’s one thing that fans shouldn’t miss.

Dragon Ball Super Saiyan warrior Goku
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