'Red Dead Redemption 2' Latest Update: Everything That Rockstar And Take-Two Have Revealed So Far

Take-Two Interactive, the company responsible for publishing Rockstar's games, is ramping up promos for Red Dead Redemption 2. So far, the American video game publisher has released a few tidbits of information about the title, including its release date and its in-game economy, as well as hints about RDR Online's content and how it could progress in the future.

Release Date

Various reports have stated that RDR2 is speculated to be released sometime in the spring of 2018. Recently Amazon Italy listed the release date to be on March 30, 2018, which fits perfectly with other reports.

Take-Two Interactive has not confirmed Amazon Italy's listed release date for Red Dead Redemption 2. However, there is substantial evidence that may support a March 30, 2018, release.

The next fiscal cycle for the video game distributor will start in April of 2018. Releasing RDR2 on March 30 next year would give the company a strong start in the next cycle.


Because of the controversy that followed EA's loot boxes, microtransaction systems in all AAA games have been questioned. Red Dead Redemption 2 was no exception. Players and investors of the game wanted to know how Rockstar would format in-game purchases.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, answered all the queries the public had about how microtransactions would be handled in the game. There were some adverse reactions when Zelnick confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 would have a monetary system.

However, Take-Two's CEO tried to calm people's fears about RDR2's microtransactions. In a sense, he stated that Rockstar and the video game publisher will make the game's content and its fans a priority.
"If we have something great in the market and we continue to support it with great content, people will continue to show up… [Red Dead Redemption 2] will stand alone and succeed on its own merits."
Express suggested that RDR2's microtransactions will follow the same system as the shark cards seen in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Red Dead Redemption Online

Rockstar may have revealed how it will handle RDR Online with a little surprise egg it left in Doomsday Heist, the latest update for GTA Online. According to IGN, data miners found an RDR2 revolver in Doomsday Heist, which GTA Online players needed to search for in a treasure hunt.

Players can presumably use the double-action revolver in either Red Dead Redemption 2 or the online multiplayer version of the game if they manage to retrieve it in Doomsday Heist. The hunt for the RDR2-inspired gun hints that Rockstar could connect the western-themed game and its GTA franchise again in the future.

Zelnick may have been referring to this type of fun content when he was trying to calm the public's worries concerning microtransactions. There have been no reports that players have to fork out any money to start the challenge to win the revolver. The only request Rockstar makes to initiate the challenge -- to get a chance to win the revolver -- is for gamers to join its Social Club.

In general, it seems like Red Dead Redemption fans feel hopeful about the game. The path Rockstar appears to have chosen with microtransactions seems to be a smart move. Also, the possible future surprise eggs the video game company might leave for all Rockstar gamers in any of its titles may be fun for players to find.