‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Thanks Fans, Ami Brown Finishes Cancer Treatment

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Billy Brown and his family looked happy and cheerful on last night’s Alaskan Bush People Christmas special. The highly anticipated episode was the first time fans saw the family on TV since their show ended in August. In their season finale, the Brown family revealed that their mom Ami needed to undergo radiation and chemotherapy for her advanced lung cancer.

Since then, the Alaskan Bush People family hasn’t given an official update on Ami’s condition. Finally, in last night’s single-episode Christmas special, fans were given a peek at how Ami is doing.

Ami Looks Frail, But Happy

In the Christmas special, viewers saw a frail-looking Ami. The Alaskan Bush People matriarch seemed to have gotten thinner since Season 7’s finale episode when her doctors were worried about her 90-lb weight. Also, fans may have noticed that the 54-year-old reality star was wearing a Santa hat throughout the episode as if she was hiding her hair. Ami might have been trying to hide her thinning hair due to effects of chemotherapy.

Despite her noticeably weak physique, Ami Brown couldn’t stop smiling as she received an early Christmas surprise. As Pop Culture recapped, Billy and Ami met with her doctor, Dr. Deborah Wong, for a regular follow-up consultation. The oncologist broke the good news–Ami is finally done with her chemotherapy sessions!


Although this doesn’t mean that Ami is cancer-free, Dr. Wong stated that “there is every single reason to be hopeful and absolutely optimistic.”

“Life is a gift,” Ami Brown beamed when she heard the news.

Later, Billy and their children Matt, Bear, Gabe, Bird, and Rain went all out to celebrate the good news. They surprised mom Ami with a decked-out Christmas dinner in their California home.

As numerous fan sites surmised, Ami underwent radiation and at least two sessions of grueling chemotherapy. This explains why the Brown family has extended their stay in California to be near Ami’s hospital.

Bam Bam And Noah Skipped The ‘ABP’ Christmas Special

Wearing festive Christmas outfits, the Alaskan Bush People family appeared in a short video to thank fans for their prayers and support during their family crisis.

“We’d like to wish everybody a happy holidays and a merry Christmas. And thanks for the support in this tough time. The support and the prayers really helped.”

However, two of Billy and Ami’s sons, Bam Bam and Noah, skipped the ABP Christmas special. Bam Bam has not appeared on the long-running show since last year when he announced that he was moving with his girlfriend. Noah also announced that he will not be joining his family’s move to Colorado and stated that he wanted to become a local sheriff. Based on fan reports, he is now engaged to his girlfriend Rhain.

Meanwhile, Discovery Channel is yet to confirm whether Billy, Ami, and their children will return to television for Alaskan Bush People Season 8.