Princess Diana: Never Before Seen Photo Heading To Auction

A never before seen photo of Princess Diana with a “mystery man” is reportedly heading to the auction block. The picture of Diana Spencer in what appears to be her teen years was allegedly taken at a Swiss ski lodge. The princess is posed in a lounging position across the lap of an unknown man who is busy reading a novel.

The previously unpublished photo of Princess Diana is estimated to have been taken in either 1970 or 1980, according to Radar Online. What appears to be a bottle of booze sits behind the future Royal’s head in a windowsill.

The rare photo was found among old archive photos from the Daily Mirror. The phrase, “Not to be published” was written across the top of the photo of Diana and the unknown man. Eric Caren purchased Daily Mirror photo archives approximately seven years ago. During an interview with the Daily Mail Caren had this to say about the never before seen photo of Princess Diana:

“I don’t know the man I the picture and he could be a friend or a boyfriend. This would certainly not be in the way the Royal Family would have Diana to have been presented.”

Daily Mail sources have speculated that the man in the photo is either Diana’s former boyfriend Rory Scott or a close pal James Colthurst. The picture is being marketed as a “salacious teenage image of the future princess” and sold through RR Auctions in Hampshore. The picture is expected to bring more than $1,000 at auction.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles had met once when she was younger, but were reportedly introduced again in 1980. The encounter allegedly occurred because Diana’s brother-in-law worked for the queen. After a mere six months of dating, Prince Charles proposed to Diana Spencer. The couple wed in July of 1981. Spencer was the first British citizen to wed an heir to the throne in nearly 300 years.