LeBron James Trolls Everyone With Mystery Chat With Lonzo Ball, Instantly Becomes A Meme

Jason MillerGetty Images

LeBron James knows his every move may create a storm of controversies owing to his superstar status. This is perhaps why James didn’t want anyone spying on him as he chatted with Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball after their game on Thursday.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers met on December 14 in what was one of the most anticipated games of the NBA season. The game pitted a current NBA superstar and one of the best ever to play the game against one of the future faces of the league.

James skipped group media availability before the game probably to avoid the LeBron-to-Lakers questions, SB Nation mentioned. However, some people believe that LeBron liked the controversy and was trolling the basketball world with his latest antic. Some say James knew fully well that by covering his mouth as he said something to Lonzo, he would be stirring the hornet’s nest. In that regard, LeBron was successful.

After the Cavaliers won, 121-112, James and Ball approached each other in mid-court and exchanged low-fives and taps to the back. LeBron then stopped and said something to Ball while covering his mouth with his jersey. After the short, mysterious chat, the two NBA stars slapped fives once more before going each other’s way.

The moment would’ve been nothing more than two NBA players exchanging pleasantries after a game but with LeBron James and Lonzo Ball involved, things are not quite that simple.

NBA fans quickly made the moment into a viral meme, with many of them hilariously guessing what James told Ball.


Rumor mongers have long speculated that LeBron is coming to L.A. to play for the Lakers. This latest stunt by LeBron does not help douse the flames.

Some of the supposed hints that LeBron will join forces with Lonzo in the next NBA season include the fact that James has a business and owns two homes in Los Angeles. LeBron bought his second L.A. home last summer.

Savannah James, wife of the NBA great, is also rumored to prefer residing in Los Angeles. She was also seen with LeBron supposedly checking out high schools for their children, as another Inquisitr article reported. LeBron, however, said that he was at the L.A. high school to get some sweat going. The couple did have a tour of the campus before LeBron hit the gym.

LeBron James later said that what he and Lonzo Ball talked about was no one’s business except theirs, Business Insider reported. LeBron did praise Ball’s game saying he was all about the team and someone “you want to play with,” which all but triggered more talk of him playing with Lonzo in Los Angeles.


According to a Reddit post that was confirmed by ESPN and reported by Bleacher Report, James supposedly gave Lonzo some words of wisdom. LeBron apparently told Ball to find his zone, stay locked in, and to always be aggressive. LeBron then warned Lonzo that people will be asking about their short talk and that he shouldn’t say anything.