John Stamos Once Tried To Distance Himself From His 'Full House' Role

John Stamos of Full House fame has admitted that he once tried to distance himself from the wholesome series.

Speaking to People Magazine, Stamos, 54, expressed that he tried to separate himself from the '80s series before wholeheartedly embracing it once more prior to the Fuller House revival, now playing on Netflix.

"For years I was really trying to distance myself from [Full House]. Then I realized, it ain't going away, so I better embrace it," Stamos said. "It provided a really beautiful, great life for me and my family. My parents were at every show. I started [playing] with the Beach Boys."

The soon-to-be first time dad is also using his experience from Full House to ready himself for fatherhood with his fiance, Caitlin McHugh.

"I'll be a fun dad. I've been practicing for a long time," Stamos said. "I've done every shtick thing you can do with a baby, on TV. I've sang every slow Elvis song, I've done all the bits and jokes and diaper gags."

Originally coming up in his teen years as a soap opera star, Stamos joined the cast of Full House in 1987 as Jesse Katsapolis, the brother-in-law of a widowed father (Bob Saget), who moves into a home to help raise three young girls. Along the way, Jesse himself becomes a father to twins Nicky and Alex.

Rejoining the cast for Fuller House, the Netflix revival, Stamos says he hasn't been too surprised by the updated show's success.

"I was surprised, but you can feel it," he mentioned of Fuller House's popularity.

Despite his current approval of the show and the many projects he has in the wings, Stamos says, "I don't have that fire for my career as much anymore."

"I can put that fire into my family," he added. "I want to become a better actor, producer, I want to do more, but I've done a lot for me. I had that list when I was a kid: Get on TV, a show like Happy Days; play a character like Fonzie. I'm not kidding. I've done it all except have a kid, so now I scratch that off."

The tail end of Season 3 of Fuller House will be coming to Netflix later this month.