Meghan Markle To Share Secret Signs And Code With Her ‘Close Protection Officer’ 24/7 On Her Royal Shoulder

With Meghan Markle about to become Prince Harry’s bride in May, she is going through the vigorous training that all the royals are required to do for their own safety. If something unspeakable should happen to Megan during her life as a Royal, she will be as prepared as anyone could be after this training. This is the same course that both Prince William and Prince Harry endured in their teen years and later in life, and it was Kate Middleton’s turn when she was in Meghan’s pre-royal stage.

One of the most important things that Meghan will have to get used to is lack of privacy as she will have “somebody on her shoulder 24/7,” according to Alex Bomberg, who served in the British military and then moved on as a royal aide at Kensington Palace. Meghan will have her own “close protection officer” which includes learning a secret-like language that is shared only by Meghan and that officer.

These code words and signs are for Meghan to use if she were to become uncomfortable while out in the public. Meghan won’t be sitting in a classroom when she learns what to do in case she is taken, hostage. No, Meghan will actually be taken as a hostage, tied to a chair, and be surrounded by men toting machine guns that sport live ammo in a mock kidnapping. This is not a warm and friendly event as they shoot their way into the building during this mock rescue attempt.

She is going to have some specialized driving lessons, like learning how to drive her way out of an ambush. Meghan, who is already calling Prince Harry’s two-bedroom cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace her home, will visit the SAS “Killing House,” as part of her training. This is a place where “the elite group train in close quarter battles and hostage situations, according to the Daily Star.

There’s not that much known about the exact scenario that Meghan can expect, but it is said to be the same training that Prince William did at the age of 16 and he learned how to fire a machine gun. Prince Harry, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, and Prince Charles have all been through this training. During Princess Diana’s training, she was put into a chair in darkness and the SAS barged in.

From terror attacks to lone wolf attacks, there is a huge range of potential threats this elite squad is in charge of protecting the royals against. Meghan will learn all of this, such as how to deal with an intruder with mental illness.

According to the Tribune, Meghan will also be baptized in the Church of England before she is married.