‘Destiny 2’ Moves Xur To The Tower And He Has The Fated Engram And Three Of Coins

Destiny 2 players were worried Xur would make an appearance on Mercury this week, which would effectively lock him away from those without the Curse of Osiris expansion. Bungie instead moved him to the Tower this weekend, and he has the all-new Fated Engram and Three of Coins for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players, along with the usual assortment of Exotic goods.

The Fated Engram is the big addition to Xur’s inventory thanks to the latest update, as it guarantees Destiny 2 players an Exotic weapon or armor piece they do not already own. It costs 97 Legendary Shards and can only be purchased once per account every week.

Meanwhile, Three of Coins returns from Destiny 1 with an important change. This item will increase the chance of a Destiny 2 player receiving an Exotic item for four hours once it is purchased and used. It costs 31 Legendary Shards and can be purchased as many times as desired.

Guardians can find Xur in the Tower this week. He is located in the very back of the hangar past the Dead Orbit vendor and up the stairs. Destiny 2 players can mark his location on the Destination map to find him easily.

The Power Level of all Xur’s Exotics scales, according to the Guardian’s current Power Level. The max Power Level has been moved up to 305 with the release of Curse of Osiris. You’ll need to Infuse the items to make them any more powerful than that.

Destiny 2 players will have until the weekly reset on Tuesday, December 19 to pick up this slate of exotics from Xur. This now occurs at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT following the release of Curse of Osiris.


The D.A.R.C.I. Exotic Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2.

This Exotic Sniper Rifle comes with a “Personal Assistant” perk that allows players to see enemy information like health when viewing through the scope. D.A.R.C.I. also comes with other perks that makes handling and target acquisition easier and deals more precision damage when the “Personal Assistant” is active. It’s a fun to use Sniper Rifle that lacks the punch of the high impact Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2.

Hallowfire Hearth

The Hallowfire Hearth Exotic Chest Armor for Titans in Destiny 2.

Sunbreaker Titans will be the one to benefit from this cool looking Exotic chest armor. The Sunfire Furnace intrinsic perk causes Solar abilities to recharge faster while the super ability is charged and ready to go.

This essentially means solar grenades charge faster. However, the Hallowfire Hearth is more beneficial in PvE modes than Crucible PvP. The current Destiny 2 Crucible meta means players typically only get one super ability charge per match. Therefore, there’s not much benefit to running with this Exotic unless you save the Hammer of Sol for the very end of a match.

Celestial Nighthawk

The Celestial Nighthawk Exotic Hunter Helmet in Destiny 2.

Gunslinger Hunters seeking to deal a huge amount of damage in a single-shot with their Super ability will want to pick up the Celestial Nighthawk. The “Hawkeye Hack” intrinsic perk for this Exotic Helmet makes the Golden Gun fire a single, high-damage shot. This is obviously best used in PVE against high-health yellow-bar enemies and bosses as a result.

Eye Of Another World

The Eye of Another World Exotic Warlock Helmet in Destiny 2.

Warlocks who want to get their Grenade, Melee, and Rift abilities back faster will want to consider the Eye of Another World Exotic Helmet. The “Cerebral Uplink” intrinsic perk grants faster ability regeneration speed and highlights enemies. While other Exotic Helmets may be better in PVE, this one excels for Warlocks of any class who want their ability’s back faster in Destiny 2’s Crucible.