’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Did Josh and Aika Get Married?

Scott Olson Getty Images

One couple that everyone can’t stop talking about this season on 90 Day Fiance is Josh and Aika. She is giving him a hard time about the fact that they can’t have kids right away. She really wants to have children. Reality Blurb shared a big spoiler on whether this couple is married or not.

There is a picture out that shows the two looking like they got married in Las Vegas. It also turns out that they got a marriage license and got married on September 7, 2017. So these two ended up getting married, but there are not a lot of details out yet.

There is also a preview of 90 Day Fiance that shows Josh wearing the same suit he is wearing in the picture, so it looks like the fans will get to see it on the show. Everyone can’t wait to see their wedding, but there are a few questions still. Aika made it clear that she won’t marry him unless they can have a baby. That is very important to her and so maybe Josh figured out a way to make her dreams come true.

Reality Blurb also had a few updated spoilers about this couple. They met on a dating app and things worked out for them. Some of his friends feared that she was only in it for a green card and if so, that is what she got from him by getting married. She only came to the United States in August, so that means that they only waited about a month after she got here to tie the knot instead of even close to the 90 days. You have to wonder why they rushed it.

In October, Josh and Aika were posting pictures of each other and made it pretty clear that they are still together. Now, the fans just have to wonder what is going to happen for these two. If he can’t give her a baby, then it would be pretty surprising if she ends up sticking around with Josh.


You won’t want to miss watching how things turn out for Josh and Aikia on 90 Day Fiance this season. It looks like they did get married, but the big mystery is if children are in their future.