‘Love’ Magazine’s 2017 Advent Calendar Called ‘Misogynistic’ And ‘Unnecessary’

Day 14 of Love magazine’s annual advent calendar features model Jasmine Sanders and has some readers crying foul.

While Jasmine looks amazing as always in her short workout clip, it’s the camera angles that have people rolling their eyes and commenting against the shoot.

Love‘s Instagram states it was ab day with Sanders, however, the camera does not focus on the model’s toned midsection. Instead, it pans down to her hips and in between her legs as some viewers were made uncomfortable.

One Instagram commenter said they don’t understand why the video was being filmed from this angle as Jasmine is clearly doing sit ups.

“I don’t get a woman doing abs and it being shot from in between her legs. That’s makes me uncomfortable and it’s fkn unnecessary.”

Another user brought up the fact this year’s calendar is focused on women being strong, as stated at the beginning of the month.

“This year we’re reminding women to #STAYSTRONG because we are powerful, we are resilient, and we run the world.”

The commenter discussed how ironic the “stay strong” message is as the workout clips seemingly objectify the women.

“‘Let’s show how strong you are by objectifying you!’ These videos are such a slap in the face for all women. Do better.”


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While most of Sanders’ Instagram followers commented positive things on her post, a few people did bring attention to the angles.

One user said it was “kinda off” to see the camera focusing so much on her “open legs” as opposed to her face and stomach, since it was a workout video.

However, numerous people have applauded Jasmine and the other calendar models for showing off their “flaws” as the videos seem to be unedited.

“I love love seeing that they didn’t edit out her blemishes. Yes to realness!”

Curvy model Ashley Graham was featured for day 2 of the Love calendar as she proudly showed off cellulite and dimples.

While some of her fans loved seeing Graham represent body positivity in the advent shoot, others questioned the validity of the “stay strong” campaign once again.

“What are the objectives of this so called #loveadvent campaign? It is not aesthetic, it is not clever, it is not enriching…. or is this purely provocative? what contribution does it make to the world of culture or fashion?”

It seems viewers do enjoy watching the models show off their sporty side when it truly relates to being an athlete.

Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill showed off her gymnastics skill for day 10 of the calendar, while fellow Angel Doutzen Kroes displayed her jump roping abilities in day 9.

When it came to Jasmine and Ashley’s videos, fans were not as impressed with how misogynistic they appeared in comparison.

“There are some videos like with Doutzen and Taylor where they are actually showing how strong they are. These are ridiculous and sort of misogynistic.”

It appears Love may have fell a bit short this year as viewers continue to state they don’t understand the theme as it seems to contradict itself.

Commenters have left several posts questioning how the campaign is empowering to women as the videos continue to focus on women’s sex appeal.

“How is this empowering? I’m pretty sure no woman looks like this while exercising. And if the point of this was to empower instead of sell this woman’s body to men, then the video wouldn’t have been just her slapping her butt and shaking her boobs.”