‘Too Gangster’ Tamar Braxton Shades JR’s Bar & Grill Dallas Gay Bar, Bad Yelp, Facebook Reviews Follow

Mireya AciertoGetty Images

As Tamar Braxton would say, “They tried it.” As seen in the below video, Tamar turned to Snapchat to complain about JR’s Bar and Grill on Cedar Springs Road in Dallas. Braxton claimed that she must have apparently looked “too gangster” in her sunglasses and other apparel because she was denied entrance to the gay bar. Braxton charged the bar with having “zero tolerance for black people” in her favorite city of Dallas. Tamar’s “Tamartian” fans are finding it ironic that a gay bar would allegedly deny entrance to the famous Braxton since the star is often seen hanging out with her two best gay friends on Tamar & Vince.

According to NBC Dallas-Forth Worth, in the wake of Tamar’s accusations, JR’s Bar & Grill is getting a lot of backlash from Tamar’s followers. It was the evening of Monday, December 11, when Tamar was reportedly banned from the bar. Now, reviews like those listed below appear on the Yelp and Facebook pages of the bar. It is not clear if the owners of JR’s Bar & Grill knew that a famous Braxton sister was attempting to enter their bar, but with Tamar’s large following, it would have behooved the bar to let her in instead of allegedly rejecting her and facing the wrath of her fans.

Tamar enjoys a Twitter following of 1.63 million accounts, and when Braxton makes a move, it’s no wonder it goes viral. Although the bar has responded to the controversy, they haven’t released details as to why Tamar was prevented from entering.

JR’s Bar & Grill pointed to their policies that are in place to “ensure the safety of all our customers and to certify that our staff are in accordance with the law when serving alcohol – without exception.”

JR’s Bar and Grill doesn’t allow folks who “sag their pants” – pants not worn at the waistline – to enter, nor do they allow folks wearing sunglasses to enter, which may have been the issue with Braxton. The bar noted that it would have been a “beautiful experience and honor to add Tamar Braxton to the long list of celebrities who have enjoyed JR’s as a safe and inclusive entertainment venue.”

Braxton was in Dallas to perform at The Great Xscape Tour at Verizon Theatre, on December 13, but the controversy with the bar has brought reviews like the following.

“This place is ridiculously racist!! Since when is black jeans, black studded red bottom boots a tank top, and a leather biker jacket with sun glasses ‘GANGSTER’ yes too Gangster were the exact words. If you are of color more so Black, the doormen will find any ridiculous offensive reason to not allow you entry, unless you are with other white male gays!! Maybe they were at their ‘black capacity quota’ for the night, but I was far from dressed ‘gansta’ or am!!”

“Black people are not allowed here if they look'”gangster’ apparently so there food was just ok anyway. I’ll take my business to where they accept ‘colored’ folk.”

“Stay away. If you are dressed in ‘urban’ attire…..you are not allowed. I wouldn’t waste my money. As a Black lesbian woman, I deal with BS daily, so there is no need to spend my hard earned dollars at a place that doesn’t even welcome me or people like me. Their sign states the dress code. However, its only enforced for certain people.”

“You had no right to deny entrance in your establishment by ‘THE’ Tamar Braxton. She can wear what the hell she wants, she is Tamar MUTHAF***** Braxton and don’t u forget it. You allow all those white drug heads to enter all time, so I’m not understanding how you didn’t let her enter. Whoever was at the door on that night needs to be FIRED EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!”