USPS: Study To Review Partial Privatization Of Post Office


The United States Post Office (USPS) could become at least partially privatized if a new study by the National Academy of Public Administration recommends such an action. The review will reportedly examine a hybrid model of the US Post Office which would involve permitting private companies to deliver packages up until the “last delivery mile.”

The USPS lost $16 billion during 2012 alone, according toCBS News. If they hybrid model was ultimately approve and the US Post Office would become partially privatized, private carriers would essentially hand-off parcels at the last mile for postal employees to deliver, according to the Washington Post.

A release by a group of proponents for privatizing the US Post Office reads:

“Just as private companies innovate and share supply chains in high-tech, automobile, and other industries today, the market will drive efficiencies in the postal network. Retaining the letter carrier for the last delivery mile would ensure that the trusted letter carrier would remain the face of the US Postal Service while also facilitating a greater efficiency and innovation.”

Many fiscal conservatives and Republicans have advocated for privatization of the US Post Office for quite some time. Democrats and postal unions have reportedly been largely opposed to any type of privatization of the postal service in the United States.

The past Congress was not able to reach an agreement on how to reform the beleaguered USPS. The mail delivery service has been plagued with labor contract and employee benefit disputers. The possibility of eliminating Saturday delivery as a cost saving manner has also been discussed.