Celebrity Baker Johnny Iuzzini Apologizes After ‘Great American Baking Show’ Is Canceled By ABC

Since The Great American Baking Show was canceled earlier this week, the baking contestants have been left high and dry, as the show has ended immediately due to the sexual harassment scandal of celebrity pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini. Initially, Iuzzini released a statement saying that he refutes the charges leveled against him by former employees of Jean-Georges, but now he is expressing regret that his actions in the past might have ruined The Great American Baking Show for everyone involved.

The Accusations Against Johnny Iuzzini

After several women came forward to say that while they worked under him at Jean-Georges, Johnny Iuzzini sexually harassed them, ABC decided to pull The Great American Baking Show after airing just one episode from its third season.

ABC released a statement, shocking the contestants and fans, saying that the show will end immediately.

“In light of allegations that recently came to our attention, ABC has ended its relationship with Johnny Iuzzini and will not be airing the remainder of The Great American Baking Show episodes. ABC takes matters such as those described in the allegations very seriously and has come to the conclusion that they violate our standards of conduct. This season’s winner will be announced at a later date.”

Eight women have now come forward to say that they were sexually harassed by The Great American Baking Show judge. The women say that under Iuzzini, they were constantly dealing with an environment rife with incidents of sexual harassment. But even though Iuzzini initially called the claims “inaccurate,” he said that he was sorry the women didn’t feel comfortable coming to him to express their displeasure, says Hollywood Life.

Johnny Iuzzini Issues A New Apology To The Great American Baking Show Cast And Bakers

However, now that there are additional claims, Johnny Iuzzini has issued another statement to say that he regrets that his past behavior has ruined The Great American Baking Show for everyone, including the bakers, the cast, the crew, and the fans. Iuzzini wants the world to know that he is not that man anymore.

“While I understand ABC felt pressured to make this difficult decision, I am extremely disappointed and saddened that the show will not continue to air as scheduled. I feel terrible for the bakers, fans of the show, the cast and everyone else involved in the production.”

Iuzzini went on to say that the current complaints were based on some unprofessional behavior from eight to 10 years ago and that the complaints have been sensationalized.

Johnny Iuzzini Says He Is No Longer That Person

Johnny Iuzzini says that long before he started as a judge on The Great American Baking Show, he started doing some serious soul searching to change his ways, according to CNN.

“My friends, family and those close to me can attest that over the last several years I have worked hard on improving myself and made many positive contributions to the industry in which I dedicated my life.”

But no matter what, Iuzzini says that he will learn from the experience of getting fired from The Great American Baking Show and confronting the accusations from former employees.

Johnny Iuzzini is the second chef to be confronted with accusations of sexual harassment and fired from a cooking show. Mario Batali was fired this week from his show The Chew.