Addie Collins Zinone Pictures: Who Is The Former NBC Intern Who Had An Affair With Matt Lauer?

Addie Collins Zinone has found viral fame after her claim of having a month-long affair with Matt Lauer nearly two decades ago, with pictures of the now 41-year-old woman spreading across social media.

Zinone came forward this week to disclose details of the month-long affair she had with the former Today show anchor after she started as an intern on the show in 1999. Zinone told Variety that Lauer — who had just gotten married to now-wife Annette Roque — seduced her into a series of sexual encounters in his dressing room, office, and a bathroom.

Addie Zinone said that her affair with Matt Lauer was consensual but admitted that she felt like his “prey” and that the trysts impacted her both personally and professionally. Zinone said she eventually quit her position as a news anchor that she took after working as an intern on the Today show and fell into a depression. She later enlisted in the Army Reserves and became a correspondent for Access Hollywood, a report from Peoplemagazine noted.

Zinone said Lauer cut off contact completely after she was approached by a reporter for the National Enquirer and he accused her of spilling details about the affair. The reputation continued to follow her, however, even after Zinone served two tours in Iraq. In 2008, she was contacted by Maria Menounos of the Today show for a story idea, but Menounos abruptly cut off contact after a producer said that Zinone “said something bad about the show.”

She later did appear on the show, and video showing Addie Collins Zinone on assignment in Iraq.

Since coming forward, Addie Collins Zinone has generated a lot of interest and pictures of the blonde-haired young woman in a picture next to Matt Lauer have spread across the internet.

As pictures of Addie Zinone spread across the internet, many people have also sought out information on where the television anchor is today. Zinone has stepped away from the spotlight, and now has a seven-year-old daughter with her husband.

Addie Zinone’s viral fame also sparked plenty of debate about her story. Some took issue with Zinone saying she felt like a victim in the relationship, believing that it takes away from women who are actually victims of sexual assault and noting that Zinone was a willing participant in Lauer cheating on his wife. But others have defended her and noted the bravery it takes to come forward to offer some support and backing for the other claims against Lauer.