Cops Caught Egging House Of Superior Officer In Massachusetts


A group of cops were caught egging the home of one of their superior officers last month in Massachusetts.

The MetroWest Daily News reports that police officers in Framingham pulled over a suspicious red vehicle after they received a report about a house getting egged in the area. The officers were surprised to find their fellow cops from nearby Newton sitting in the pulled over vehicle. The Newton officers were not in uniform.

The perpetrators of the egg tossing crime told the Framingham officers that the incident was just “a prank, a joke between friends.”

The Missourian reports that the owner of the house, a superior officer to the off-duty egg throwers, said that he was not going to press charges against his delinquent officers but did say that he would deal with the matter internally.

Newton Police Chief Howard Mintz has not commented on the story.

Are you surprised that a group of off-duty cops were caught egging the home of their superior officer? Most people hold certain grudges against their bosses, but you’d expect a police officer to have a little more restraint.

How do you think the officers should be punished?