ABC Officially Fires Mario Batali From ‘The Chew’ After Being Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Mario Batali has been officially fired from The Chew after being accused of sexual misconduct. ABC has released its official statement to the allegations following the 57-year-old celebrity chef’s admission that he has acted inappropriately.

Mario Batali has been completely cut off from the show, The Chew, as ABC has finally completed its investigation on allegations of sexual misconduct against the celebrity chef, reports Deadline. Although the network’s investigations revealed that they were not able to uncover “any type of inappropriate behavior involving him,” it was the network’s decision to keep Batali out of the show in order to prove its commitment to providing a safe environment for employees.

The statement from ABC also revealed that Batali’s actions were found to be a violation of their codes of conduct. This comes in days after Batali himself admitted to the accusations. In a statement, the former Iron Chef America star apologized to all the women he has hurt.

Batali stated that while he does not have any idea about the identities of the women involved in the accusation, he believes that the behaviors described in the accusation were fairly accurate. He said that he has no excuses for his behavior and offered apologies to his family, friends and all the people who might have been affected by the accusations.

Mario Batali at EAT Food & Film Fest

Some of the allegations against Batali date all the way back from the early 2000s. One employee who worked for the celebrity chef recounted Batali groping her after spilling wine on herself. The women who were accusing Batali of sexual misconduct said that they were too frightened to speak up, as Batali had a “threatening” stance when he feels that he has been wronged.

Fellow celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has expressed his sympathy for the women involved in the allegations. Per Huffington Post, Bourdain said that he stands with the women and that any admiration he has expressed for Batali in the past is completely irrelevant to the issue at hand.

Bourdain also expressed “real remorse,” as he believes that he was one of the people who might have perpetuated this kind of culture in the kitchen after the release of his book in 2000 entitled, Kitchen Confidential. Batali is one of the many celebrities involved in sexual misconduct accusations; further investigations are expected to be made in the coming weeks.