Wendy Williams: Her Reasons For Not Divorcing Cheating Husband Over Alleged Affairs

Wendy Williams has decided not to divorce her husband, Kevin Hunter, despite a hefty amount of evidence, obtained by Daily Mail showing that the manager had stepped out on his wife on several occasions.

Back in September, it was revealed that Kevin had allegedly been enjoying a 10-year affair with his massage therapist, a claim which Wendy Williams was said to have been aware of prior to the story hitting the internet.

At the time, fans were stunned as to how Wendy Williams could put up with a husband who had allegedly been living a double life behind her back before people quickly came to the conclusion that Williams shares an open relationship with her partner.

Whatever the case may be, many would have hoped that Wendy will remove herself from her marriage to Kevin and settle for someone who can commit himself to no more than just one person — but it seems that the talk-show host isn’t all that interested.

According to Radar Online, the arrangement that Wendy Williams shares with her husband seems to be working just fine for them, despite the fact that the news of their open relationship ended up getting out to the world.

If Kevin hooking up with his massage therapist was such a big deal to Williams, Kevin wouldn’t have continued to flaunt his romance with his other woman in the Big Apple while still returning home to his wife.

There’s nothing to argue or fight about because the arrangement that Wendy Williams and Kevin has between one another seems to be working just fine for them.

Besides, Hunter plays a key role in keeping Wendy’s businesses running as successful as they have, including her famous talk show.

They both know that they need each other for different things, aware that by calling it quits, there are so many things at stake that neither one of them is willing to lose all because of the opinions of others regarding their marriage.

Wendy Williams briefly addressed the cheating affairs back in September, telling her audience that she’s sticking by her man’s side and that she’s happily married — a claim many of her fans didn’t believe.