Artie Lange In Crisis: After Comedian Arrested For Missing Court Date, Friend Pleads ‘Please Save Your Life’

Artie Lange is in dire straits, and friends worry that the actor and comedian could soon die if he doesn’t turn his life around.

Lange was arrested this week after he failed to make it for a court date related to a driving arrest made back in May. At the time, reported that Lange was seen driving erratically on the Garden State Parkway and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia when police found a bag of heroin on his lap.

Police picked up Artie Lange this week for missing a court date, and now some friends are reaching out to appeal to Lange to get himself in order. Dominic Barbara, a fellow Howard Stern Show guest alongside Lange, penned an open letter to the New York Post‘s Page Six saying he would pay for Artie to go through rehab.

“If you want to come, I will come get you and pay all your costs,” he wrote. “Please save your life. You have a lot of people who love you. Dominic.”

As noted, Artie Lange had a spotted history with Howard Stern, often appearing on the show but ultimately leaving the show after an incident in 2009 when he appeared high on heroin and fell asleep while on the air.

The appeal comes just days after a report claiming that Artie Lange was “at death’s door” due to a number of health complications as well as his unchecked addiction. Radar Online noted that doctors were worried about Lange’s condition and that his mother acknowledged the role his addiction played in his health decline.

“Artie has to take care of a few things,” she said. “He’s got diabetes, so that doesn’t help. He’s okay, as much as he can be. But he is fighting addiction — trying to get through that, and hopefully he will.”

Artie Lange has also endured a series of health scares, including a hospitalization in October for a blood sugar emergency. TMZ reported that Artie fell ill the day of a comedy show in Ohio and decided to skip his planned flight from New Jersey. Lange later shared that he once flew while having a blood sugar emergency and ended up suffering severe complications that left him in the hospital.

It was not clear if Artie Lange wanted to take Dominic Barbara up on the offer to go to rehab.