Tyler Baltierra Confirms That His Clothing Line, Tierra Reign, Is Gender Neutral

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell may have put their children’s clothing line, Tierra Reign, on hold while Cate attends rehab, but Tyler recently let consumers know that their clothing line is supposed to be totally gender neutral.

The pair’s struggles getting the site up and running as a home grown business were documented on this Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, in which the pair found that they didn’t have enough bandwidth to support the interest in their children’s clothing company.

Once they ironed out the kinks, the pair said that their launch was successful, though they haven’t transitioned to making any clothing for the autumn or winter. Some fans are wondering if the clothing line has halted altogether, since all of the clothing available is currently for a summer wardrobe and a few new baseball tees. However, it is safe to assume that due to Catelynn’s severe depression, things may have been put on hold.

Although the line may not currently be active, a fan recently asked Tyler Baltierra why there was no boys section or girls section on the website, instead just one section leading the customers to the clothing. According to Tyler, this is because he believes any gender can “wear any piece” and those with a preference for “opposite gender” clothing shouldn’t have to seek it out in the other gender’s section.

He has also come out in support of the gay community, even slamming fans who have uttered homophobic responses to his support.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were recently slammed by co-star and nemesis Farrah Abraham, who made fun of them not having their site together at the time of the launch. Farrah stated that the couple does not have any business sense, and that her companies would have never been caught in such an embarrassing situation. She also bragged that her products are available for purchase via Amazon Prime, something Tierra Reign has not yet made the move to do.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell’s line, however, is a lot smaller than most of Farrah’s businesses. The pair currently only have a very small team of employees, while Farrah has entire stores under her control.