Trump Online Christmas Card Lets You Send Note To Trump Family — Then Asks For GOP Money

Getting into the Christmas spirit with Donald Trump isn’t too far of a stretch, now that the president and first lady have a link for folks to send them their season’s greetings. But that isn’t all the link is for.

According to Elite Daily, the good tidings that were expected may just give way to other things, which Trump will “presumably be a little on edge with the responses he’ll receive.” Once you go to the GOP website it directs you to “Wish President Trump, First Lady Melania, and the rest of the First Family a Merry Christmas!” It then directs you to sign the card and leave a personal note. It is easy enough and it doesn’t ask you for too much information. You just click, and your greeting is sent.

But there’s a little extra waiting in the wings. Once you click, a line pops up wishing you a Merry Christmas by name or the name you just entered when signing your message. It then asks for you to give a “special gift.”

“Please consider adding a special Christmas gift below to help support the President’s America First agenda.”

The amounts are seen in red boxes, starting with $35 and going up to $2,700. There is also a box marked “other” if you want to donate another amount of money that is not listed in those boxes.

They call it the “Official First Family Christmas Card” and it is officially asking for a donation. Elite Daily suggests that after the Trumps read the messages that are invited by this page, it “just might make the White House reconsider this plan” of having an online Christmas card with a place to leave the Trump family a message. But why?

Their answer has to do with the politics today. It has been utter pandemonium between political parties this year. The divide has made itself very clear and with the many issues that are polarized today people aren’t at a loss for topics to debate. People might want to address some negative political aspect in the space left for a “note.”

Those issues might not be something that Donald Trump or the rest of the family want to hear, suggests Elite. Not during the days designated to deck the halls and celebrate Christmas.

Still, the card is online and waiting for signatures, but the field day that Twitter is having with this Christmas card is taking on a life of its own.

The Trump family official Christmas portrait has emerged and it has started another buzz online today. That portrait is seen below and the buzz is over who isn’t seen in the picture.