Doctor Sikander Imran Accused Of Spiking Pregnant Girlfriend's Drink With Abortion Pills

According to Brooke Fiske, the man she'd been dating on-and-off for three years allegedly spiked her drink with abortion pills. That man, 32-year-old Dr. Sikander Imran, had reportedly recently relocated to Arlington, Virginia, from Rochester, New York, when Fiske learned that she was pregnant.

When he learned the news from his sometimes girlfriend, Dr. Imran was reportedly less than supportive. As News 10 reports, Fiske claims that her boyfriend responded to her news by attempting to convince her to have an abortion, something that she was unwilling to do.

"He didn't want to have a baby so he tried to talk me into having an abortion, which I didn't want to do."
When she was 17 weeks pregnant, Fiske says she went to visit Imran at his new place in Virginia. That's when the doctor allegedly took matters into his own hands, reportedly adding a large dose of Misoprostol, an abortion-inducing drug, to her drink. As Fox News reports, Brooke Fiske initially discovered that she'd been unwittingly dosed by Dr. Sikander Imran when she found suspicious residue at the bottom of her tea cup.
"When I was drinking my tea in the evening I got to the bottom of the cup. There was a gritty substance in there and when I looked at it, I could tell that it was a pill that had been ground up."
Within a few hours, Fiske says she began to have contractions; it was then that she claims her doctor boyfriend tearily confessed to slipping the abortion pills into her drink. After her contraction began, Brooke Fiske sought medical treatment at Virginia Hospital Center, but her artificially-induced labor couldn't be stopped. Her 17-week-gestation fetus, reportedly a non-viable male, did not survive. Toxicology texts conducted at the hospital confirmed the presence of the abortion-inducing drug Misoprostol in her system.
"He immediately started crying and said that he was a horrible person and that he had done what I thought he did."
Brooke Fiske claims that the abortion pills allegedly slipped into her drink by her doctor boyfriend Sikander Imran far exceeded the necessary dosage to induce abortion.
"According to the nurse at the hospital, it's 200 milligrams to induce labor. He gave me 800 [milligrams]."
Court documents confirm that Imran was arrested on May 24 and charged with "cause of abortion and premeditated killing of a fetus of another." Under Virginia state law, drugging a woman against her will in an attempt to harm her unborn child or harm her pregnancy is a class 4 felony, punishable by two to 10 years in prison. Willfully killing the fetus of another (against that person's will) is a class 2 felony, punishable by up to 40 years in prison.

Brooke Fiske claims that she was "empowered" by speaking out against the man who allegedly murdered her fetus in open court when she had the opportunity to testify against him. Even so, Fiske says that the "heartbreaking, devastating" loss of her son is a pain that she expects will never go away.

"It was very empowering for me to face him and say what he had done and look him in the face while I said that."
Dr. Sikander Imran is still behind bars at the Arlington County Detention Center. His trial for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend's fetus using abortion pills is scheduled to begin on March 12. It has been reported that he may be facing additional charges in connection with the alleged crime.