Duggar Family News: Cousin Amy’s Greeting To Josie Turns Out To Be Far More Personal Than JB & Michelle’s

Josie Duggar recently celebrated her birthday, and many reality TV fans noticed that her parents’ greeting this time around was strangely canned and almost insincere. As noted in a previous report from the Inquisitr, Josie Duggar’s birthday greetings from Jim Bob and Michelle in 2015 were incredibly heartfelt, a far cry from the impersonal, cookie-cutter social media greeting they gave their youngest child this year.

Interestingly, Josie did get a pretty personal birthday greeting from a family member, with Amy Duggar King, better known as Cousin Amy, posting a heartfelt birthday message to the youngest Duggar daughter on her Instagram page. Unlike Jim Bob and Michelle’s Facebook greeting a couple of days ago, Cousin Amy’s Instagram post was brimming with intimacy.

“How in the world did I forget to post for Josie’s 8th bday!? She’s a ball of energy, a little miracle child and as soon as she sees Dill & I, she runs as hard as she can into Dillon’s arms. It’s the cutest thing ever! And yes, that’s a big purple clip in her hair because she found it in my purse and wanted to wear it during dinner! So many laughs and I can’t wait to see what God does in her life! She’s so very very special!”

While Cousin Amy uploaded her birthday greeting late, her message to the 8-year-old miracle baby was undoubtedly heartfelt. Amy’s post shows, more than anything, that she truly spends some bonding time with Josie, and she is familiar with the young girl’s unique quirks. Such things were strangely absent from Jim Bob and Michelle’s recent Facebook greeting.

What was particularly interesting, however, was the last part of Cousin Amy’s birthday greeting. According to Amy’s Instagram post, Josie was not only rummaging around in her purse, she was also playing around with her phone. Amy even stated that Josie loved the filters on Instagram and that she could not wait to show the young girl Snapchat.

“Josie helped me take the pic, it might be a little blurry, but she loved all the filters! Now I just need to show her Snapchat! #cousinlove #josiegirl #futureisfemale”

The idea of a young Duggar daughter playing around with social media applications such as Snapchat is practically uncharted territory for the conservative Duggar community. The family, after all, is incredibly strict with regards to the young girls’ exposure to social media, with Duggar daughters only allowed to have their personal accounts after they get married.

A little icecream social for the birthday girls!????

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This was noticed by members of the r/CountingOn subreddit, with some members of the community expressing their surprise that Jim Bob and Michelle actually allowed Josie to look over Amy’s purse. Amy, after all, follows a far more liberal lifestyle, and many of her personal choices are a big no-no for conservative Christians like JB and Michelle.

“I’m surprised Jim Bob and Michelle let Josie rummage through her purse. What if she saw something worldly,” wrote one member of the r/CountingOn subreddit.

Nevertheless, it seems like Josie had a pretty good time with Cousin Amy. If any, the young Duggar daughter seemed to have enjoyed her little bonding session with her more worldly, liberal cousin, and she appeared to be incredibly happy about it.