‘RHOBH’ Star Camille Grammer Diagnosed With Cancer For A Second Time

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Camille Grammer has been diagnosed with cancer for a second time. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared her recent diagnosis on Instagram on December 14, posting a couple of photos of herself in a hospital bed.

Back in 2013, Grammer battled early stage endometrial cancer. In October of that year, she underwent a a radical hysterectomy. After her successful surgery, Grammer underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. The aggressive treatment caused her cancer to go into remission. In recent weeks, Grammer’s doctors found more cancer cells in her body. She was recently diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer.

Fortunately, for Camille, this new cancer was removed by a doctor. In most cases, this type of cancer is cured when the infected cells are removed from the body. It’s generally found early enough that it doesn’t spread to other parts of the body. While it is possible that squamous cell carcinoma can spread to the lymph nodes, that is considered rare.

This type of cancer is fairly easily recognized and diagnosed. It presents itself as thick, rough, and/or scaly patches on the skin that often bleed. Since Camille routinely gets checked for cancer and is consistent when it comes to her follow-up appointments, her doctors were able to properly identify and treat her.

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“Thank you Dr. Beth Karlan for removing those pesky cancer cells. You are Amazing! This is my second cancer diagnoses. Thank God We found it early. (squamous cell carcinoma) *Early detection is key. My cancer was removed and I’m resting at home. Ladies listen to your bodies. If something doesn’t seem right go for a checkup. Don’t put it off. Annual check ups are important,” Camille captioned two photos on Instagram on Thursday morning.

Over the past couple of years, Camille Grammer has become an advocate of sorts, frequently telling her fans and followers that they should be getting their annual check-ups. She does believe in speaking up when something doesn’t seem right and often encourages people to talk with their doctors. As you can see in the above caption, Camille knows that “early detection is key,” and she’s not wrong. Many patients who have been diagnosed with early-stage cancer will tell you that they are alive because of early detection. It’s something that Camille wants everyone to be mindful of.