Gwen Stefani Reveals How Boyfriend Blake Shelton Almost Burned Down Her House

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Gwen Stefani is opening up about a past Christmas mishap she had with boyfriend Blake Shelton only a few months after they started dating which almost saw her whole hose go down in flames. The star spoke out about a disastrous festive meal the country star was preparing back in 2015, revealing that he almost set her house alight with his turkey.

Stefani made the revelation in a new interview with British music magazine NME, where she admitted that she had to put some swift action in place to avoid her house going up in smoke after Shelton tried to show off his cooking skills to impress his new girlfriend.

“Blake had a turkey in one of those smokers and he went out to check on it and the entire thing was on fire,” the former No Doubt singer recalled of her very first Christmas with Blake after they’d been dating for just a few months, per Daily Mail.

Fortunately, Gwen and Blake managed to rescue the bird and avoid burning down the house. “We saved them – we put them in the oven and they turned out really good – but the house almost went down!”

And fortunately, it looks like Stefani definitely forgave her boyfriend for almost setting the house on fire, as she joked about the holiday memories they now share.

“When you really look back, all you have is your memories,” the “Used To Love You” singer said in the NME interview. “You don’t realize that at the time, but now that I’m older and I have children you realize that it’s about making memories.”

But when Blake’s not almost burning down Gwen’s house with his cooking skills – or lack thereof – it sounds like the two have spent some better holidays together since without any fire.

Stefani revealed earlier this month that he and Shelton’s second Christmas together in 2016 went a little bit smoother than their first, as they spent much of it together as a couple without her three children while they were celebrating with her former husband, their dad, Gavin Rossdale.

Gwen Stefani Reveals How Boyfriend Blake Shelton Almost Burned Down Her House
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“Last year, for the first time, me and Blake… had a lot of time on our hands,” Gwen said while appearing in a Facebook Live baking video with Giada De Laurentiis, per Refinery29. “On Christmas Day we cooked all day and we did like the craziest carb fest.”

And, seemingly avoiding any fire the second time around, Stefani added that she and her boyfriend of just over two years spent the holiday in the kitchen cooking her family recipes together. “We did homemade gnocchi, potato gnocchi, we did lasagne, which is my mom’s recipe,” Gwen revealed.

As for this year, Gwen recently said that she’ll be spending the big day with Blake once again, likely in his home state of Oklahoma which is where the family recently gathered for Thanksgiving last month.

“We’ve incorporated an Oklahoma Christmas in, and Christmas now has been really fun for the boys and for my family,” Gwen said in a recent interview with People of how her sons, 11-year-old Kingston, nine-year-old Zuma, and three-year-old Apollo have embraced spending the holidays with Shelton in the south.

“Last year, [the boys] had their dad’s Christmas and then my Christmas, and then we went to Oklahoma [with Shelton], so they got to do three Christmases,” Stefani then added, noting that she and her kids just “keep it going” now that she’s co-parenting with her ex-husband after their divorce last year.