Meghan Markle, ‘Jealous’ Kate Middleton Sexy Style Showdown: From Instagram To Photo Ops, Who’s Tops?

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Kate Middleton has ruled for years as the royal fashion model, with fans rushing to buy her styles. Designers have adored Kate for her ability to cause even their most expensive attire to sell out just hours after Middleton is seen wearing their outfits. But now pregnant Kate, however marvelous she may look in her maternity frocks, is finding out that there’s a new princess in town. Rumors are soaring that she’s jealous of Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle.

Even before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they were engaged, Meghan was seen as a fashion star. But in the wake of revealing her May wedding plans, Markle has become a style diva, with fans rushing to buy her clothes so quickly that websites crash. As a result, Meghan’s future sister-in-law reportedly is trying to find ways to rival her even before the actress weds Prince Harry and becomes a member of the royal family.

Kate Middleton Envies Meghan Markle’s Engagement Photo Ops?

When Markle and Prince Harry provided the world with picture opportunities, the results of those eagerly awaited photo ops quickly traveled around the world. Meghan’s engagement outfit became a sell-out, and fashion observers quickly began raving about whatever Harry’s future wife wore.

Markle’s white coat that she wore in the engagement photo ops sold out so quickly that Harper’s Bazaar UK tried to console disappointed readers by coming up with alternative styles to the future princess’ stunning fashion choice.


But as the photos of Markle’s style showed that she knows how to dress to impress, her success reportedly riled Kate Middleton. The Hollywood Gossip reported that Kate hasn’t left any doubt among some insiders that she’s jealous of Meghan.

“Is Kate Middleton…jealous of the ‘shiny, new royal’ [Meghan Markle]? It’s clear that there is a lot of potential for resentment.”

While Middleton copes with her pregnancy in her maternity wear, Meghan is sizzling in the latest styles. Can pregnant Kate keep up with Harry’s perfect princess?

Meghan Markle has stunned fashion observers with her sexy styles, such as this form-fitting skirt with a flair. Can Kate Middleton keep up with Prince Harry's future wife?
Meghan Markle has stunned fashion observers with her sexy styles, such as this form-fitting skirt with a flair. Can Kate Middleton keep up with Prince Harry's future wife?Featured image credit: Adrian DennisGetty Images

Meghan Markle Versus Kate Middleton In Fashion Feud?

Business Insider pointed out that it seems inevitable for Markle and Middleton to become style rivals in the wake of Prince Harry’s engagement announcement.

“People are obsessing over Meghan Markle’s fashion choices following her engagement to Prince Harry. Her future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, has been hugely influential in shaping fashion.”

Through the years, both Kate and Meghan have appeared at their share of red carpet events and galas. Markle is known as a fan of the little black dress, even flaunting her favorite style on Instagram.

In contrast, Kate tends to go for longer gowns that are more elegant. And while Middleton generally avoids trendy outfits, Markle embraces them and takes risks in what she wears.

“Searches for ‘vegan leather trousers’ jumped 67% after Markle name-dropped it in an interview.”

Now that Meghan is officially Prince Harry’s fiancée, however, she’s gone from causing fans to hunt for similar styles to selling out brands, as with her engagement coat from Line.

Meghan Markle Seen As Trend-Setter, But Kate Middleton Stays Magnificent In Maternity Styles

Through the years, Kate has acquired a reputation for prim yet pretty attire. Markle’s daring sense of style is viewed as putting her ahead of Middleton in this unofficial style showdown.


When it comes to one fashion area, however, Kate is the leader of the pack. As she prepares for her third child with Prince William, she continues to stun in her maternity styles, pointed out the Insider.

“Kate Middleton is a style icon, and her maternity wardrobe is no exception.”

Through the years, Middleton has evolved her maternity fashions. Just like Meghan, Kate is a fan of tailored coats, and Middleton has shown that pregnancy doesn’t stop her from pairing high heels with winter wear and summer frocks.

Consequently, although Meghan is stealing the spotlight now with her stunning sense of style as she prepares for her wedding to Prince Harry, when she’s ready to hear tiny feet in the palace, Markle will have some work to do to prepare a maternity wardrobe to rival Kate’s.