Farrah Abraham Slammed As ‘Disgusting’ For Promoting Adult Site On 8-Year-Old Daughter’s Twitter

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Farrah Abraham is once again coming under fire for her controversial parenting decisions. The Teen Mom OG star was slammed as “disgusting” on social media this week after a link to a YouTube video promoting her career as an adult film star was posted to her daughter Sophia Abraham’s Twitter page.

The link to the YouTube video, which boasted about Farrah being the adult site’s “ambassador,” was posted to the eight-year-old’s more than 41,000 followers on the site on December 13 and quickly drew intense criticism from fellow social media users.

A wave of criticism rolled in from angry Twitter users after the tweet was posted, as many called the video appearing on Farrah’s young daughter’s page promoting her adult entertainment career both “disturbing” and “disgusting.”

“This…. This is disturbing. I support what you do but I can’t support this,” one Twitter user responded to the tweet after it appeared on Abraham’s account this week. “Sophia is a child and this shouldn’t be posted from her Twitter or YouTube. How inappropriate.”

Another called the tweet “another level of disgusting” on the social media site, while a third questioned why the link still remained visible on Sophia’s account several hours after it was initially posted. “No. Nope. How is this still here??? So wrong,” they asked.

Another seriously went in on the reality star, writing, “What the f***! This is sick and wrong. SHE’S A CHILD.”

However, Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham appeared to defend his daughter on the social media site, claiming that the post was a mistake by unspecified “admin.”

After one fan tweeted, “for this to be on a child’s [page] is disgusting” and blamed Michael for mishap by claiming that he’s the one who monitors what goes on Sophia’s page, Abraham fired back by denying having anything to do with his granddaughter’s account.

“Honey [you’re] wrong… stop your hate and lies spreading…,” he hit back after being accused of being responsible for the video link appearing on Sophia’s Twitter account. “The admin made a mistake…. you need to go judge someone else.”

Farrah Abraham Slammed As 'Disgusting' For Promoting Adult Site On 8-Year-Old Daughter's Twitter
Featured image credit: Eamonn M. McCormackGetty Images

It appeared that the tweet was likely an automatic link posted by YouTube after the video was uploaded to the site rather than a deliberate post by Farrah or her family members. However, while the video has since been deleted from YouTube – possibly for inappropriate content – the tweet still appears on Abraham’s page, as do the horrified comments from Twitter users.

Ironically, the controversial post came just days after Abraham told Life & Style that she had made the decision to no longer feature her eight-year-old daughter appear on Teen Mom OG.

Farrah said she was pulling her daughter from the reality series because she didn’t want her child on a show that discussed teenage pregnancy and sexual themes.

“Sophia is not going to continue to be on Teen Mom,” Farrah told the outlet of her decision to take her eight-year-old off camera, despite her daughter having her own YouTube page where she regularly posts videos playing with toys and promoting children’s products.

“Sophia is not going to continue to talk about sex and unplanned pregnancies and all that stuff,” Farrah then continued of removing her daughter from the MTV series, which she’s appeared on intermittently since she was first born. “She’ll go on to do something better and hopefully she’ll be doing makeup brands or clothing.”