Model 3 News: Tesla Seems To Have Delivered The First Non-Employee M3, And EV Fans Are Shedding Tears

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It was quite unexpected, but it seems like the first non-employee delivery of a Tesla Model 3 has just been confirmed, and it came with a heartwarming story. As recently shared by a Tesla enthusiast on Twitter, one particularly unique Model 3 reservation holder was able to acquire his mass-market EV earlier than expected, thanks to the efforts of the carmaker’s online community.

The story was shared by Bonnie Norman, an EV enthusiast and an active member of the Tesla Owners Club. According to Norman, she recently came across a comment by a member of the community who went by the name of Graniteds, who expressed his wish to receive his reserved Model 3 early. According to Graniteds, getting his Model 3 was the last thing on his bucket list, since he has terminal stage 4 cancer and he was only given three to four months to live by doctors.

“Well, I’d love to see November deliveries! I have a terminal stage 4 cancer and have been told I may only (have) 3-4 months to live. The last thing on my bucket list is our Model 3, and I’d like to have a few days to experience and enjoy it. I wonder if there is any flexibility in the queue?”

After responding to Graniteds, Norman got in touch with her friend, Devina Singh, who was an employee at Tesla. Singh recently got her Model 3 delivered, and Norman figured that her friend could at least give the terminal Tesla fan some time to experience the Model 3. Singh, for her part, immediately took up Norman on her suggestion, bringing her Model 3 over to Graniteds on November 25, 2017.


As could be seen by the photos shared by Norman, the terminal Tesla enthusiast enjoyed his ride on Singh’s Model 3 immensely. By this time, it seemed like Graniteds’ story with his Model 3 would already conclude with a happy ending. The next day, however, things only got better, as he was promptly invited to configure his own Model 3 on November 26.

The terminal Tesla enthusiast was able to acquire this week. That’s not all, however, as Tesla made sure to give Graniteds the complete VIP treatment when he came to pick up his car. He got a private factory tour and a one-on-one walkthrough of all his Model 3’s features with Jon McNeil, Tesla’s President of Sales and Services. That very same day, Graniteds went home with his wife on his Model 3, and according to Norman, many of the carmaker’s staff were in tears.

Interestingly, the event almost escaped media attention had Norman not shared Graniteds’ story on her personal Twitter account. Once the story became public, however, members of the EV community could not help but feel incredibly touched by what seems to be the story of the Model 3’s first non-employee delivery.


The comments section of a recent Electrek article was flooded by well-wishes to the terminal EV fan. Many also lauded Tesla for not turning Graniteds’ story as a PR opportunity. Others even went so far as to state that they were glad their Model 3 reservations were bumped down the line, especially since the delay of their own EV deliveries became a way for someone to tick off the last item on his bucket list.

“I’m glad that Tesla is still small enough, and responsive enough, to make someone’s life a little better. This is a well-told story of a company that cared enough to make a difference in one person’s life. I can wait for my Model 3 if it will make such a difference to someone who has much less time to enjoy their dream,” one commenter wrote.

“It’s little stuff like this that restores my faith in humanity,” another commenter wrote.

“It’s because Tesla cares that we see stuff like this from third parties and not even a whisper from Tesla. I hope the gent and his wife enjoy what time they have left together and their beautiful Model 3. I’m not ashamed to say I welled up,” wrote another.