December 14, 2017
This Photo Is The Perfect Example Of What Internet Will Look Like If Net Neutrality Loses

The FCC set out rules in 2015 to protect the internet and keep it open and fair for users. Net Neutrality is a principle to keep internet providers treating all online data the same, and without discrimination. The way the internet is regulated might be changed if Net Neutrality loses today.

Ajit Pai, the chairman of FCC appointed by President Donald Trump, and a longtime critic of net neutrality aims to change how the internet is regulated and appeal to stop the federal government from micromanaging the internet, says CNN.

Pai's vision is to revoke Obama's net neutrality protections. On the other hand, Internet Providers praise Pai's vision regarding internet regulations, though numerous tech companies and net neutrality advocates criticized the repeal of net neutrality.

The AV Club, an online newspaper, calls out Pai's new video to convince people of his plan about net neutrality, a mockery. Numerous net neutrality advocates also posted on Twitter requesting citizens to stop the FCC from revoking the principles of net neutrality.

Gerald Longalong from Twitter posted a photo of what the internet will look like if the FCC approved Pai's repeal for net neutrality. Mr. Longalong and the rest of the net neutrality supporters are actively posting sentiments over Twitter and using the power of social media to convince users to call the FCC's number (202-418-1000) or text RESIST to 504-09 to cancel the vote.

"Just a gentle reminder," says Mr. Longalong over Twitter. The effects of revoking net neutrality give Internet Providers full control over how online contents are delivered. The perfect example of how net neutrality protects the fair use of internet contents can be tracked back to when the FCC explicitly prohibited Comcast and Verizon from speeding up or slowing down specific websites and apps.

The long-term effect of revoking net neutrality limits the next generation of internet service providers to compete against the current giants. CNN also reports that dozens of Democratic Senators call the repeal a "reckless plan."

Lawmakers also joined the protest by sending an open letter to Pai. "Your plan gives a broadband provider the ability to significantly alter their subscribers' internet experience," says lawmakers via CNN. Moreover, even Pai's party ask the appointed FCC Chairman to rethink his plan.