Jessica Lynn Andress Missing After Posting Facebook Video With Man She Met Online And Call To Police

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The friends and family of Michigan woman Jessica Lynn Andress, 26, have not heard from her since the morning of December 7 when she left St. Ignace, Michigan, to meet a man she met online. Later that evening, Jessica posted a video on social media indicating she was with the man in a car. Shortly thereafter, the missing woman called police from a trauma center to report being robbed of her possessions, including her clothes.

The Facebook Live video was shot from Jessica’s perspective, which is presumed to be the passenger seat of the mystery man’s vehicle, according to the Detroit Free Press. The man driving appears to be African-American with a large frame wearing a red shirt.

It is clear from the video that the footage was taken at night from inside a vehicle as it made its way down a fairly busy street. Hip-hop music was playing loudly in the background and a female voice, presumably Jessica’s, can be heard telling the man she just posted a video on Facebook.

Not long after Jessica’s Facebook Live video was posted, she made a phone call to police from a Wake Forest Baptist Trauma Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In that call, she told authorities, “We were robbed… my clothes, my money, my phone,” according to the Detroit Free Press. The phone call ended abruptly, which was the last time anyone heard from Jessica.

The trauma center is located about 600 miles away from her home near Detroit, reports the Daily Mail.

Jessica left St. Ignace at around 11:15 a.m. on Thursday morning by bus. Her father, James Andress, Sr., became concerned Friday night when he had not heard from his daughter. According to the Daily Mail, he contacted the Winston-Salem Police Department and proceeded to file a missing person’s report.

The Detroit Free Press reports that it remains unclear as to whether Jessica met a friend in order to get to a bus stop in Detroit.

Andress told the Detroit Free Press that the more help he can get to find Jessica, the better.

Jessica is described as having black hair and brown eyes. She is approximately 5-feet-9 in height and weighs around 180 pounds. She may be wearing a black Columbia jacket with white and blue trim.

Police are urging anyone with information about the Jessica Lynn Andress case to call them at 336-773-7700.