US Navy Uses ‘Demons’ In Bath Salts Warning Ad

US Navy uses demons in bath salts warning ad

YouTube had a trend going a while back with video makers distorting their faces, making their eyes and open mouths bigger in peculiar directions, calling it the “demon effect”. Now the US Navy is using the same graphic trick in a video about the dangers of bath salts and other chemicals used like drugs.

The video shows a service member who has taken the drug and documents the effects on his behavior. The campaign’s slogan states, “Bath Salts: It’s not a fad … It’s a nightmare.”

The service member is seen snorting bath salts and then vomiting as he travels to meet his girlfriend at the bowling alley. While on the drug, the video shows the service member’s girlfriend turn “demonic” as the music switches to industrial trance and he turns paranoid, hitting her before fleeing, says FOX News. When he returns to his dorm, he runs into his roommate, who also morphs. The service member is then seen in the hospital with doctors attempting to revive him.

Lt. George Loeffler, Navy Medicine psychiatry resident, says in the video:

“I would say not just as a naval officer, but as your doctor, bath salts will not only jack up your family and your career, it will jack up your mind and body too … I’ve seen people turn to bath salts because of stresses in their life, but I’ve also seen bath salts magnify these problems.”

The goal of the video is to decrease the number of active-duty service members using designer drugs. Improper usage of bath salts can induce paranoia, vomiting, and violent behavior, according to the Business Insider.

Apparently nobody listens to the classic “Don’t use drugs” any more.