Woman Reportedly Drugs Boyfriend And Slices Off His Penis

A woman has been arrested for drugging her boyfriend and slicing his penis off. The incident took place in the city of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Johanny Diaz, 28, reportedly drugged her 44-year-old boyfriend Samuel Ventura Garcia before mutilating his genitalia. The couple were staying at a cabin.

According to police, the couple had had a serious argument and had considered ending their relationship. Diaz then drugged Garcia with an unspecified substance and then cut off his penis while he was still unconscious. She reportedly fled the scene after the incident, but the Dominican Republic National Police managed to catch her, The Sun reports. It is not clear as of yet who tipped the police regarding the crime.

Diaz told local reporters that she was in fact the victim, and that Garcia had been mistreating her and forcing her to be with him. She even claimed that he had threatened to kill her on multiple occasions. She reportedly said that she does not regret doing what she did.

“I do not regret it because he threatened many times to kill me.”

According to the police, Garcia was taken to the nearby Hospital Dr Ricardo Limardo, where he underwent basic treatment. He was later transferred to a private health center in the city, where he is undergoing treatment. Doctors claim that should Garcia’s treatment, the microneurovascular reimplantation of the organ, fail, he would have to be transferred to Santiago for more advanced treatment.

The story of Johanny Diaz and Samuel Ventura Garcia is somewhat similar to that of John and Lorena Bobbitt. The Bobbitts’ story had received widespread national coverage when it took place in 1993. Lorena Bobbitt’s testimony in court stated that she had been raped by her husband that night, on Jun 23, 1993. After her husband had fallen asleep, Lorena had reportedly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and cut off her husband’s penis from its base. She later drove away with the severed penis and threw it in the fields after driving a distance. After realizing the extent of her crime, Bobbitt called the police and reported her own crime. A search party managed to find John’s penis after an extensive search, and doctors were able to reattach it following a nine-and-a-half hour surgery, although it never gained full consciousness.