13-Year-Old Killed By A Sword During PE Lessons In School

A 13-year-old school boy was killed during a PE class after being stabbed in the back by a sword by a classmate during their physical education lesson. The incident took place in Quan Feng Secondary School in Changning, Hunan Province, in southern China. The boy, Guo Sheng, was reportedly playing with his friend, who had brought the sword, when the incident happened. As soon as Guo dropped to the ground, his friend was frightened, and he pulled out the blade, causing Guo’s death.

The local authorities and the school authority have both deemed the incident as an accident, Daily Mail reports. The boy who stabbed Guo, Li, a Year Eight student, was seen playing with Guo on December 12 during their PE lesson. According to school authorities, Li lost grip of the sword and accidentally impaled Guo in the back. The school immediately called emergency services and the police, but Guo couldn’t be saved and had been declared dead by the time his parents arrived at the scene. Police measured and described the sword as being a foot long.

The county council of Changning have since released a statement regarding the incident, calling it an accident. They are currently working with the local education bureau and government to resolve the issue and handle all ensuing problems.

Guo’s parents however disagree with the school’s and the council’s version of the story. They claim the incident was not an accident. They reportedly wrote the following in a social media post:

“No one cared about my son and no paramedics could be seen. It’s been five hours pass and the school staff refused to see us and give us an explanation. [sic]”

A CCTV footage of the incident has since emerged that shows that a few other students were also present at the time the “accident” happened. A lot of internet users have pointed out that the incident did not look like an accident. Two users, named ‘MrMiTung’ and ‘qiziyuqing’ posted the following messages respectively.

“‘Obviously he was throwing the sword at him fiercely.”

“If the sword slid out by accident, how can that be strong enough to stab into a body and cause death?”

It is reported that the local government and Quan Feng Secondary School have agreed to pay a sum of 790,000 yuan ($120,000) to the victim’s parents as compensation. A photo of the alleged document signed in agreement between the two parties was shared on social media, but it is yet to be confirmed whether or not the photo is legitimate.