Witney Carson Leaves ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Tour: What Is Her Reason?

Neilson Barnard Getty Images

Witney Carson is not going to be on the Dancing With the Stars tour and the fans are going to miss seeing her. People shared the news about what is going on with Witney and what would make her leave the tour. Luckily, nothing is wrong with her health and there is no behind-the-scenes drama going on.

It turns out that her father-in-law, whom she loves very much, is sick and she wants to be by his side. She shared all of the details in an Instagram post. Her father-in-law is suffering from pancreatic cancer. Things have gotten a lot worse for him recently. Witney revealed that he hasn’t been able to hold anything down the last few days, so they took him in to have him checked.

Apparently, Witney Carson’s father-in-law’s cancer has really spread. She wants to be with her husband and her father-in-law at this time instead of out on tour, which the fans can totally understand. They were told that he only has a few weeks left, but he is going to try another aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

Witney Carson shared that she has to focus on her family right now even though she would love to be out on the tour. She wished everyone that will be on the tour the best.

Witney has been married for almost a year now and she started dating her husband back in high school. He had a huge crush on her for quite a while, but they didn’t even start dating until she was a senior. This couple seems like they get along great and Witney is doing the right thing by being by her husband’s side when he really needs her instead of being out and working. They went through a long-distance relationship for quite some time and were able to make it through it all even though that is hard on some couples.

You will not want to miss Dancing With the Stars when it returns to ABC with new episodes in 2018. Witney is going to really be missed on the tour.