‘Mr. Robot’ Season 4: USA Network Renews Series Ahead Of Season 3’s Conclusion

Theo WargoGetty Images

Mr. Robot will continue on for another season as USA Network has just renewed the series ahead of Season 3’s conclusion, which happens tonight. Fans can expect that whatever the ending will be, Elliot Alderson’s (Rami Malek) adventures will continue on.

USA Network announced Mr. Robot’s renewal for Season 4 on Wednesday. Fans also got a taste of what the new season would be like with a teaser trailer posted on the show’s official Twitter account. As stated on the post, Elliot Alderson will still have “more battles to fight.”

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail has also confirmed that the work on Season 4 has begun. Esmail took to Instagram to show fans that the writers in the room are starting to get busy for the new season. Since the team has just started, it is still too early to know what could happen next on Mr. Robot.

In Season 3, Elliot managed to maintain a distance from the voice of his father, who happens to be Mr. Robot (Christian Slater). Still, they continue to stop the E-Corp conglomerate in their tracks. Thanks to the hacking group, the Dark Army, Elliot got the help and support he needs.

As for the finale, Mr. Robot Season 3 will show Elliot revisiting the place where this chaos in his life started. This could mean that Elliot will be coming to terms with the events that transpired when he was just a young boy. Grace Gummer, who plays Dom, also teased that the finale episode will be “pretty dark.” She told EW that the finale is the episode that she worked on the longest.

Hackers rejoice with the news of Mr. Robot’s renewal, the date of which has yet to be announced. It is, however, assumed that Season 4 will air sometime in fall 2018. The first two seasons aired in summer while the current season premiered in October, 2017.

Fans are happy to know is that the show is coming back. Esmail previously told Variety that the show will likely go on for more than three seasons, five to be exact. In fact, Mr. Robot was supposed to be a feature-length film, in which Esmail knows the direction it should go and how it’s supposed to end.