Billy Miller Speaks Out On ‘General Hospital’ Jason Switch

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Billy Miller has taken a lot of heat since joining General Hospital. When it was announced that he would be Jason Morgan, some fans weren’t too kind. In the two years that the new “JaSam” (Jason and Sam) was reworked, many viewers had come to love the new couple. In fact, their on-screen chemistry transferred over into real life as Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Billy Miller became close friends.

Six months ago, it was announced that Steve Burton would return to General Hospital. This piqued the interest of long-time viewers who mourned the loss of him in the role of Jason Morgan. Questions about where Billy Miller would fit in began to swirl. Would he still be Jason, or would Burton’s return undo all of the progress done in the past two years? As it turns out, there is room for both Steve Burton and Billy Miller on General Hospital.

Up to this point, Billy Miller had been silent about his thoughts regarding the tale of two Jasons on General Hospital. He isn’t on social media, and the statements he makes to the public are few and far between. Now, Miller has exclusively talked to Soap Opera Digest regarding his feelings on the storyline. According to the publication, Billy Miller wouldn’t have stuck around if the story wasn’t going to be good. He also addressed concerns that he was being disrespected at General Hospital. That is not the case, and Miller said if the rumors were true, he wouldn’t have stuck around. The soap business isn’t new for the actor, as he previously spent time on The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott.

During the interview, which is appearing in the latest issue of the publication, Kelly Monaco admits she was shocked regarding Steve Burton’s return. She also mentions she is happy to be working with Burton again, which indicates there really isn’t bad blood between the close friends and the “real” Jason Morgan. Of course, this storyline still has plenty more life left in it. General Hospital writers have promised the story would run for around nine months, and it has only been a few months at this point.

General Hospital fans have been incredibly vocal about the issue with Billy Miller and Steve Burton, some of them even going as far as to threaten the actors. Both Miller and Kelly Monaco have spoken out against the bullying, saying that they don’t condone the behavior. It was also recently announced that the pair would be holding their first-ever “Killy” (Kelly and Billy) event in 2018. There is plenty of room for both actors on General Hospital, and they both enjoy entertaining viewers.