Maci Bookout Limits Ryan Edwards’ Visits With Son Despite His Negative Drug Tests

John PhilipsGetty Images

Fans of Teen Mom OG are already clued into the fact that Maci Bookout refused to let her ex, Ryan Edwards, see their son until he had a negative drug test. After finding out that Ryan’s $10,000 a month drug habit was for heroin, most fans found this to be a pretty reasonable stipulation for seeing his son, Bentley. However, an insider has learned that Maci isn’t keeping to her word when it comes to allowing Ryan to see Bentley.

According to the insider, who spoke with Radar Online, Maci allows Ryan to see Bentley only if she feels like it. Although he has passed her drug tests, which she emphasized on Teen Mom OG was at her own expense, she has still been very coy about letting her ex see their son.

The insider says that Ryan is desperate to see Bentley and that he hates himself for putting his family through everything. The insider stated that Ryan hates himself, but he definitely loves Bentley and wants to keep a relationship with him going.

Because Maci and Ryan were never married, the source claims that Ryan doesn’t have the same rights as a father that an ex-husband would, so he has hired a lawyer to take her to court.

The insider also claims that Ryan is doing incredibly well despite the fact that on Teen Mom OG, he told his wife and parents that he didn’t have an aftercare plan. He is supposedly participating in an outpatient program where he receives therapy and has been sober for the past seven months.

Ryan’s drug habit shook everyone on the Teen Mom franchise when during an episode of the series, he was shown nodding off as he was driving his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, to their wedding. She asked him if he was taking pills, and he denied it, though it seemed obvious to those watching that he wasn’t exactly sober.

His wife still blames Maci Bookout for not telling her sooner about his drug habit. She also states that she was totally unaware of the fact that he was spending $10,000 a month on heroin.