Tori Roloff Responds To Accusations That Zach Has Oral Herpes, Explains Scratch On Jackson’s Face

Tori Roloff/Instagram

A fan of the hit TLC reality show Little People, Big World accused Zach Roloff recently of having herpes sores on his lip. This came after both Tori and Audrey Roloff shared the same photo from the family’s Christmas tree-hunting trip.

The photo shows Tori, Zach, and baby Jackson together with Audrey, Jeremy, and Ember Jean striking a pose in front of some pine trees over at Christmas Mountain Choose and Cut. In Tori’s post, she mentioned Oregon was running out of Christmas trees and that she was thankful they finally got theirs. Audrey, meanwhile, said that this was the start of their new Christmas tree-picking tradition.

Most of their fans talked about how cute Jackson and Ember were in their outfits. Jackson was wearing a plaid shirt under his denim overall, while baby Ember was in a brown Carhartt jacket and Sorel shoes. A few followers also noticed that Zach and Jeremy were in matching brown overalls.

One fan, however, took notice of the wound on Zach’s upper lip, which was described as a herpes sore, as reported by Inquisitr.

“Well it is so obvious,” the fan said. “I just hope hat [sic] cute baby doesn’t get it. It’s just a high cold soar [sic]… which is ‘herpes simplex 1.'”

While a cold sore is perfectly normal, a few fans tried to defend Zach by calling out the person accusing him of having oral herpes for her lapses in spelling.

“Sore,” said one follower. “If you can’t spell it right don’t even try to comment.”

“OMG! You’re a horrible speller,” said another. “Soar is to fly – sores is the word you’re looking for! Maybe do spellcheck before you try to bully people?”

Tori finally addressed the herpes sore issue by posting on Instagram Stories.

“For those of you asking, my husband does not have a disease on his lip,” Tori said. “He scraped it. Kthanks.”

Tori also cleared up something about baby Jackson, which some fans may be thinking about after seeing some of Tori’s previous videos on Instagram Stories. Jackson had a small scrape right under his left eye that may have worried some Little People, Big World fans. Tori admitted that that one was her fault.

“Also my kid scratched his face because mama let his nails get too long,” Tori said. “The Roloff household is a little bit of a hot mess currently but we’ll get it together. K thanksforasking.”

Tori is implying that despite being a reality TV family, the Roloff trio, as well as other members of the family, is not anywhere near perfect. Like most young families, however, Zach and Tori strive to do what they think is best for little Jackson. The same can be said with Audrey and Jeremy, who have been getting a lot of flak for apparently not taking care of Ember Jean properly.