Updated: Omarosa ‘Dragged’ By Secret Service, Tried To See Trump: Told John Kelly She ‘Brought The Black Vote’

Michael ReynoldsGetty Images

Omarosa Manigault didn’t go quietly when she was told it was time for her $179,700 job to end, according to April D. Ryan, the popular CNN political analyst and former friend of Omarosa. While the White House Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief of American Urban Radio Networks can often be seen sparing with Sarah Sanders in daily press briefings, this time Ryan is spilling the tea about Omarosa’s ouster from the White House.

As reported via her AURN website, April reports that Omarosa was stopped by Secret Service when she tried to see President Donald Trump in person on Tuesday, December 12. That was the evening that John Kelly reportedly informed Omarosa that the terms of her resignation had been drawn up, and the president had already signed off on her paperwork.

April’s exclusive reporting of the exit of Omarosa from the White House includes audio that calls Omarosa by her pastoral name, including the title Minister Omarosa at every turn. Omarosa reportedly told General Kelly that she was the one who brought Trump the “black vote,” but Kelly reportedly told Omarosa that notion was not true.

Update: In spite of reports like the below one from the Wall Street Journal claiming that Secret Service had physically remove or drag Omarosa from the White House grounds, the U.S. Secret Service has sent the following tweet, claiming that Secret Service did not physically remove Omarosa.


Omarosa wanted to speak to Trump directly and attempted to gain access to the private residence portion of the White House. However, Omarosa was told that Trump was already aware of her departure and that seeing Trump was “not like going to the principal’s office.” Ryan reports that White House witnesses claim that Omarosa became “very vulgar” as she learned she was losing her job and that Omarosa’s assistant was also fired.


Being stopped by Secret Service personnel made for one high-drama episode at the White House last evening, reports Ryan. The events sound akin to a dramatic showdown in the boardroom of Trump’s Apprentice, but the events are being attributed to the real-life palace intrigue that surrounds Trump’s White House.

After Omarosa ranted about allegedly bringing the black vote to President Trump, Omarosa also told Kelly about bringing HBCU heads (the leaders of historically black colleges and universities) to the White House. Kelly allegedly told Omarosa that the new head of the HBCU initiative doesn’t like Omarosa.