Scott Disick Reportedly Questions Whether Reign Is His Son

Paul ZimmermanGetty Images for Women's Health

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship has certainly been complicated over the years. Unfortunately for their family, they also have three children added to the mix, which can make things incredibly difficult for both the parents and the kids. However, according to a new set of rumors, Scott Disick doesn’t necessarily believe his son Reign is actually his.

According to a “family insider,” Scott is closest to their son Mason and is closer to him than he is to Penelope. His relationship with Reign isn’t as solid as his relationship with his older two children, and part of it is because he thinks he may not be his.

Reign was conceived during a very tumultuous time in the couple’s relationship (though to be fair, when is it not a tumultuous time for the pair?), and Kourtney was often out partying with other men during the time Reign was conceived. Because of this, Scott has reason to believe that she may have slept with someone else and passed the paternity on to him.

Scott Disick’s new relationship with Sofia Richie may partially be why he’s not as attentive of a father as he was with his other children, as back then, he and Kourtney were still at least attempting to work things out.

According to Gossip Cop, however, the story has made the rounds several times and the website believes the story is still false. The outlet purports that if Scott were really that worried about whether Reign was his son, he would have already taken legal action a long time ago and not simply sat and speculated.

The outlet also reports that Kourtney Kardashian may have tried to take legal action to keep Scott away from their kids is like false, as he has always seemed to be at least attempting to spend time with his kids.

As mentioned above, he is currently dating Lionel Richie’s younger daughter, Sofia Richie. Rumors state that Lionel not too pleased with the arrangement, especially since Scott is significantly older than Sofia and has a serious party-boy reputation. Time will tell if their relationship works out.