The Predator Will Soon Stalk ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Via Free DLC


The free Jungle Storm update is coming to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Thursday and bringing a special guest star along with it. The infamous Predator is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC shooter to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Predator film thanks to an announcement from Ubisoft and FoxNet Games.

The new Predator-themed content will be available in both the standard PVE game mode for Ghost Recon: Wildlands along with the recently added Ghost War PVP mode. The main hook will be the “Predator Special Challenge” running from December 14 through early January. This will give players the chance to face the Predator in an ultimate hunt either solo or with up to four other players.

The Predator will present a demanding challenge. It can jump through the trees, activate its cloaking device and attack players with his Plasma Caster, Smart Disc, or the deadly blades that come from the gauntlet it wears.

Ubisoft Senior Producer Nouredine Abboud describes the feel they sought to create with the Predator Special Challenge.

The mission is built to recreate some of the tension felt by Dutch and his crew in the original Predator movie. You first discover hints about the Predator’s presence before actually getting to meet and fight him. Getting that feeling of being swallowed by the surrounding jungle was something we really wanted to convey. And of course, the music takes a big part in creating the tension.

Featured image credit: Ubisoft

Defeating the Predator in the Ghost Recon‘s special challenge will reward exclusive items, such as the Predator mask. This mask is not simply a cosmetic piece. It also grants heat-based vision just like the alien creature.

Players will also be able to further customize and arm their Ghosts with the Predator Pack. This paid DLC pack will be available via the in-game store and comes with 15 new customization items, weapons, and an exclusive close combat move, to recreate some of the characters from the original movie, such as Schwarzenegger’s Dutch and Billy.

Speaking of Dutch, the hero of the Predator film is also the inspiration for a new character class in the Ghost War PVP mode. The class comes with a “Battle Rage” mode to gain an advantage over enemy players. The new Ghost Recon class will be accessible via the Ghost War Pass, the Season Pass, or by purchasing it with Prestige Points.

In addition to all the Predator-themed material, Ghost Recon: Wildlands receives another update thanks to the Jungle Storm update. The Pathfinder class is introduced along with more new gear plus updates to the base game and PVP modes.