Omarosa ‘Wanted A Cabinet Position, Would Call Trump 5 To 6 Times Per Day’ Asking For Job, Says WH Advisor

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Now that Omarosa Manigault has quit her job at the White House, where she reportedly earned $179,700 per year, more information is leaking to the press about why Omarosa may have abandoned her post after nearly one year as the White House Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison. According to the popular Twitter account that purports to bring behind-the-scenes news directly from the West Wing, Omarosa’s job title was part of the problem. The Rogue WH Snr Advisor account claims that Omarosa wanted more out of President Donald Trump, including a position in his cabinet. With a higher cabinet position, Omarosa would have obtained more power and likely more money.

The White House disclosed Omarosa’s $179,700 per year salary in June, along with salaries of other White House employees. Members of Trump’s cabinet, however, obtain varying salaries. According to Thought Co, although salaries of some of the top government officials might trend lower than comparable private-sector executives, the six-figure salaries are nothing to sneeze at. In 2017, the president’s salary went up to $400,000 from the $200,000 salary presidents earned in 2000, as determined by Congress. The vice president’s salary is $230,700 in 2017, while the Speaker of the House draws $223,500.


Therefore, with Omarosa allegedly ringing Trump’s phone off the hook seeking a “come up” in terms of her position in the White House, Omarosa may have been gunning for one of the jobs in Trump’s cabinet. John Kelley, the current White House Chief of Staff for Trump, allegedly got so fed up with Omarosa asking the president for a cabinet job that her position at the White House ended.

Omarosa leaves the White House.


According to CNN, positions in Trump’s cabinet require Senate confirmation and include the following jobs.