Zachary Collins: Oklahoma Babysitter Accused Of Throwing Baby Against Furniture To Make Him Sleep

A Tulsa man is in jail after a toddler in his care died of massive internal injuries. Authorities say that the man threw the baby against walls and furniture in an effort to get him to sleep, the Tulsa World is reporting.

Zachary Collins, 24, was arrested on Saturday and charged with child abuse and neglect for the injuries suffered by the toddler, allegedly Collins’ son. On Monday, additional charges of murder were added after the toddler succumbed to his injuries and died.

Last Friday night, according to police, the boy and two other children were left in Collins’ care while the boy’s mother went to work. When she returned home, she found Collins asleep on the couch, the boy with him. The boy, however, was “not doing well,” according to a criminal complaint.

“She observed bruising on his forehead and lips.”

Collins would later allegedly admit to having attempted to conceal the child’s injuries by wiping blood off of his face.

According to police, Collins first tried to blame the boy’s injuries on another child having pushed the toddler to the floor. However, during interrogation, he allegedly admitted to the true cause of the boy’s injuries. Specifically, Collins allegedly admitted to having consumed a six-pack of beer and half a bottle of tequila that night, according to Fox News, and was trying to sleep it off.

zachary collins of tulsa allegedly murdered his son

However, the toddler apparently wouldn’t let Collins sleep, so Collins allegedly began throwing him against furniture and walls in order to get him to sleep.

“Zachary stated that he was frustrated with (the child) for not allowing him to sleep.”

At one point, he was thrown so forcefully against a wall that his body made a hole in it. Collins also allegedly punched the young boy in the stomach.

As of this writing, the name of the child’s mother has not been released, and she has not been charged with any crimes. That may change, however, according to KOKI-TV. Authorities tell the Tulsa Fox affiliate that district attorneys plan to start cracking down on mothers who leave their children with violent boyfriends.

A look at Collins’ rap sheet reveals a handful of drug convictions and an ongoing domestic abuse case. It is not known if Collins’ history would be enough to convince a district attorney to consider charges against the boy’s mother for leaving him in Collins’ care.