Jami Cantor Pictures Slammed, Haters Say She’s ‘Too Ugly’ For Claims To Be True

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Pictures of Jami Cantor, the former NFL Network employee who has accused several former NFLers and NFL Network staff members of sexual harassment and assault, are being slammed online this week. Within minutes of Jami Cantor’s name being released to the public, people started looking her up, trying to find out who she is — and what she looks like. It didn’t take long for nasty comments to be made.

Cantor has accused Ringer president Eric Weinberger, as well as former NFLers Marshall Faulk, Eric Davis, Warren Sapp, Donovan McNabb, Heath Evans, and Ike Taylor of coming on to her. She has filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court and claims to have text messages as proof that these men came onto her in inappropriate ways.

A short time after Cantor’s lawsuit went public, internet trolls started picking her apart. Tons of messages have littered the comments section on posts written about Cantor, many saying that she is simply “too ugly” for these claims to be true. Despite the fact that Cantor has evidence that she was sexually harassed by these guys, social media users simply aren’t having it.

“So ALL 7 of these men including her boss with BEAUTIFUL wives just couldn’t control themselves around HER! YEA…OK,” wrote one Facebook user.

“What are the chances of one female having all those famous men working for the same organization being so nasty with her just by circumstance? These men would not have even behaved in this way with freaking Beyonce working there and I don’t think I need to compare the attraction factor of the two women,” wrote another.

And there are tons more comments where those came from. Making things even worse, some people have found an Instagram account that likely does not belong to Cantor and have left nasty comments for her there (one user simply wrote, “whore”). You may even go so far as to say that Cantor is being slut-shamed, simply for coming forward with claims that she was treated inappropriately.

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It seems as though some social media users think that a person’s looks have to do with whether or not they could be a victim of sexual harassment. However, several people realize that a woman doesn’t have to be stunning in everyone’s eyes to be a victim.

If Cantor doesn’t have the proof that she says she does, she really doesn’t have much of a case. Right now, it’s a wait-and-see game. The truth will be uncovered, regardless if people find Cantor good-looking or not.