Charles Manson’s Belongings Up For Auction: Would You Pay $100,000 For The Cult Leader’s Dentures?

George BrichAP Images

Charles Manson died last month in a hospital in California. There have been reports that his pen pal and grandson were fighting for the rights to his body. Now, a murderabilia site claims they have some of Manson’s belongings and will auction them off to the highest bidder.

How much would you pay for a lock of his hair? How about a half-eaten bag of Reese’s Pieces? And what about his handmade voodoo dolls? Finally, would you pay $100,000 for Manson’s dentures?

According to Crimefeed, critics claim that selling such items cashes in on the pain and heartache of the victims and their families. Many feel that the practice should be banned.

Some experts argue that they can’t crack down on the murderabilia websites because it would violate their First Amendment rights, adding that there is some educational value in the items the convicted murderers leave behind.

Charles Manson, who was serving a life sentence for ordering the killing of seven people in 1969, allegedly spent much of his time behind bars making handmade voodoo dolls.

One of his handmade string dolls is listed online for $4,200. You can see the “doll” here.

Another one of the items up for grabs include police reports, a signed Charles Manson trading card priced at $1,995, and a prison rules violation report costing $700.

One of the most shocking pieces up for auction is a set of dentures that reportedly were owned and worn by Charles Manson. Apparently, the author, Nuel Emmons, received the dentures as a gift from the cult leader after interviewing him in prison for his book, Manson in His Own Words. Charles gave the dentures, among other collectible items, to Emmons during their prison interviews.

Despite the fact Manson did horrific acts, many people have an interest in his life and owning his belongings. Previously, the only site that allowed the sale of murderabilia items was eBay, but they later decided to ban those items. The new policy allows murderabilia items to sale on the site if they are over 100-years-old. They updated the procedure out of respect for the victims’ families.

For many people, the thought of paying $100,000 for dentures Manson wore or $700 for a prison violation report sound ridiculous, but many people are flocking to these auction sites to buy some of Charles Manson’s belongings.