‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Begs Kim To Help Drew, Spinelli In Grave Danger, Twins To The Rescue

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General Hospital spoilers reveal Drew will feel frustrated about his current situation, and this will also make Sam feel concerned about her husband. Kim knows who Drew was before the mind mapping study, and she might be the link Jason’s (Steve Burton) twin needs to recover his identity. Drew will struggle with all these changes, and no one else but Kim might give him details of who he used to be.

A Sacrifice for Love

General Hospital spoilers hint Sam will think Drew needs a helping hand to get over the sorrow and sadness. She’s willing to beg Kim to provide Drew with the help he needs. Kim confessed about Oscar’s paternity and gave Drew a choice on how to handle the situation. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest Kim has a lot of secrets to hide. Oscar’s paternity is just one of the numerous reasons why she appeared in Port Charles. If Sam gives the go-signal for Kim to become a part of Drew’s life, she may be given free reign to do something sinister.

When Kim talked about Oscar’s paternity, Sam couldn’t help but feel shocked. However, Kim is the only person who knew Drew other than the people in the navy. She has memories to share about who he used to be. General Hospital spoilers tease Sam will seek out Kim on the Dec. 26 episode of the soap. This visit may involve Drew and his lost memories. While Kim’s help may be necessary to give Drew a new sense of individuality, her involvement with Drew might result in big problems. Kim claimed she and Drew were in a passionate relationship. If Sam allows Drew’s ex to reach out to him, the man she decided to stay with might develop feelings for his ex.

Dangerous Situations

The manuscript is a crucial evidence in the investigation. When Anna saw what Sonny found, she was concerned too. Anna has her hands full with Cassandra, and she can’t provide a lot of support in the twins investigation. Spinelli will be the best candidate for this job. General Hospital spoilers tease Spinelli will be cautious in proceeding with the investigation. However, his life might be in danger while trying to catch the person who was responsible for switching the twins.

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest Dr. Klein’s boss might capture Spinelli. Drew and Jason will have to work together to help out a friend, and they need to deal with the demands of the mastermind. Andre already issued warnings about the person they are up against, and Anna thought the latest evidence was a bad sign too. If the twins take down their common enemy, they need to work together. Drew’s memories may be fabricated, but General Hospital spoilers tease he will step up to help his twin if Spinelli lands in a dangerous situation while investigating.