Trapped Bobcat Video Goes Viral

The video rescue of a trapped bobcat went viral and hit more than one million views in a single day. The viral YouTube video depicts a group of hunters attempting to free a very upset bobcat from a trap. As the multitude of viewers who watched the footage now know, getting close enough to an angry and scared wild feline is not simple task.

The bobcat was accidentally caught in the trap, according to video detail excerpts republished by The Blaze. One of the hunters attempting to release the bobcat had this to say during the lively animal rescue video:

“I got him, I got him. I’ve got him right where I want him.”

Unfortunately, the rescuing hunter couldn’t have been more wrong. Just as he thinks he has the trapped bobcat under control, the animal successfully completes an evasion maneuver, and the hunter is faced with a lot of clawing and growling.

The hunter ultimately manages to get the animal trap open, and the bobcat is once again free to roam the woods. After prying the leg trap open with a big stick, the hunter closest to the animal very quickly backs up, but a second hunter approaches the wild bobcat.

The desire for a close up might have sounded better in theory than reality. The bobcat appears to be more than a little bewildered and still frightened and gives chase. But rescuers make is safely to their jeep, but the bobcat goes beneath the vehicle to garner cover. Once the hunters turn on the jeep, the rescued bobcat scurries out from below and finally heads back into the comfort of the densely wooded area.

Warning: Strong Language In Video