‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Reed Hiding From Abusive JT, Tragic Hellstrom Secret Revealed?

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The Young and the Restless spoilers from a recent Daytime Confidential podcast had many Y&R fans certain that the CBS soap was prepping a domestic abuse storyline for JT Hellstrom’s (Thad Luckinbill) return to the soap. As of this week, JT is back, and if this rumored storyline plays out, the early hints are that it is not about JT abusing Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) but his son, Reed Hellstrom (Tristan Lake Leabu). It’s also doubtful that it will be full blown physical abuse, but it is still abuse.

Reed scared of JT on Wednesday Y&R

Check out the Y&R spoilers from the DC podcast of November 13 that originally stirred this controversy. Jamey Giddens didn’t say outright that JT would be abusing anyone, but he teased the storyline. Jamey tweeted later to remind listeners that he “gave nary a detail about JT.”

Giddens also qualified his comment, saying, “I hope they respect his history,” but he wouldn’t confirm what he said on the podcast. Giddens often teases accurate leaks of storylines but does so carefully to protect his sources.

What’s clear from Young and the Restless spoilers on the Wednesday, December 13 episode was that Reed does not want to show up at his house and see his father. JT was quick to criticize his son to Victoria, and he complained about the teen choosing Genoa City over life with him and Mac (Clementine Ford) in Europe. JT made a cutting remark about Reed coming there instead of being with his family, totally ignoring the fact that Reed has plenty of family in GC, including Vikki and all the Newmans.

Did Reed run from a bad home life?

The latest Y&R spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that JT gets into it with Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) after his return. Remember, JT has a volatile background, particularly as a teen. He left drunk Billy for dead, did drugs, drank, cheated, and brawled. Granted, those were his darkest times, but showrunner Mal Young may be dredging up JT’s worst personality traits for this rumored domestic disturbance storyline. Plus, JT has been leaking anger since he walked into Newman Enterprises.

Young and the Restless spoilers from the day ahead recap reveal JT was telling Victoria that when Reed came to Genoa City, he was “surprised when he took off without saying a word to anybody.” This time last year, She Knows Soaps shared a rumor that Reed would have a runaway story, but that never manifested. It seems like that back-burner plot may be resurrected for this JT story. Perhaps it wasn’t moving to Europe that made Reed run, but an uncomfortable situation at home with his dad, JT.

Abuse, mental cruelty, and family angst

Other groundwork was laid this week on the CBS soap when JT tried to control his anger at Reed not showing up when he was summoned. Vikki told JT that she knew when Reed came to Genoa City last year that their son was “going through some things” but she didn’t have any details. Has Reed been hiding a stressful home life with his biological father? If not abuse, it could be mental stress or cruelty, which can be damaging. It seems doubtful that Y&R will go the route of JT being a hands-on abuser.

But also given that Young and the Restless is trying to use its storylines to raise awareness, this twist could be the real deal. This might be a father bullying his son, being overly harsh and mentally pushing him around, if not physically. JT told Vikki on Wednesday that he thought “everything was good” with him and Reed, but now he’s not sure. JT said he’s “getting iced out,” and when Vikki asked why, JT said, “maybe he’s still upset with me,” and Reed doesn’t want to “do the face to face thing.” Notice also the dark theme to the first promo heralding Luckinbill’s return. He looks angry.

Reed doesn’t want to see his father – but why?

One thing should be obvious after watching the most recent Young and the Restless episode. Reed doesn’t want to be around his father. He ran away to Wisconsin to get away, and now that JT is in town, Reed is avoiding coming home. Those are sure signs that Reed doesn’t want to be near JT, but why? Given the rumors of a domestic abuse storyline, it seems the dark tale could be about JT and his eldest son, not about JT and Vikki. This could get uncomfortable, but also might be an opportunity to shed light on important social issues.

Mal Young has infused the Alzheimer’s drama with Dina with his personal experience with a loved one and the disease, and he seems to like exploring topics that are deeper and darker. Watch CBS daytime to see what happens next! Catch up on the latest scoop on Y&R hopping on the sexual harassment story trend, Hilary’s new interest in Cane, and the still looming reveal of what happened in New Orleans with Billy, Phyllis, Nick, and Chelsea. Check back soon for more upcoming The Young and the Restless spoilers.